Two More People Injured in Yellowstone After Approaching Bison: Don’t Do It!

(Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.) – As Yellowstone National Park enters the busiest month of the year, visitors are reminded that they are responsible for their safety, which includes viewing wildlife from safe distances of at least 25 yards.  In recent separate incidents, two people were injured after getting too close to bison. The first encounter occurred on June 23 when an off-duty concession employee came upon a bison while walking off trail after dark in the Lower Geyser Basin area. The second incident occurred July 1, when a visitor encountered a bison while hiking the Storm Point trail in the Yellowstone Lake area.

Revere changes plea to guilty in Whitman vehicle death

(Lander, Wyo.) – A man charged with Aggravated Homicide by Vehicle in the death of Riverton Police Department Evidence Technician Carolyn Whitman on November 13, 2014, changed his plea in Ninth District Court today to Guilty. In a plea agreement filed with the court, Ruben Revere agreed to plead guilty to one count in a three count indictment. One count of Aggravated Homicide by Vehicle and one count of Aggravated Assault were dismissed.

Toughest Athletes Represent Wind River Country in Upcoming Cowboy Tough Adventure Race

The Wind River Visitors Council is again sponsoring a coed-team of four Fremont County locals competing in Wyoming’s 2015 Cameco Cowboy Tough Adventure Race: a three-and-a-half day adventure race featuring rugged sections of road and mountain biking, trekking, paddling and expert-level orienteering over a course of roughly 400 miles. Day One (Thursday, July 16) begins in Buffalo, Wyoming, follows routes through the Bighorn Mountains, and completes in Casper (Sunday, July 19).

Stock Growers Protest BLM/Forest Service Sage-Grouse amendments

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – The Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) has filed a formal protest to the “Wyoming Greater Sage-Grouse Proposed Land Use Plan Amendments”.  The proposed amendments apply to plans in six BLM Field Offices and three National Forests.  WSGA has protested the proposed amendments on three significant issues that the association had previously raised in comments on the draft plan amendments.