NOLS Celebrated its 50th with reminiscing, parties, workshops and planning for the future

(Lander, Wyo.) – “Fifty years ago on March 4, 1965, Judge Jack Nicholas and Paul Petzoldt signed papers establishing the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander,” current NOLS Executive Director John Gans told a large gathering at the Lander Community and Convention Center. “While Paul was a visionary, he did not envision that today we would be an international school that taught courses in 28 countries, otherwise he probably would’t have chosen ‘National’ for the name.”

Shane is setting “sale” for the New World on Columbus Day

(Lander, Wyo) – Get ready to explore a whole new world of discounts with Shane and his team at Gambles starting TODAY! Shane has so many new pieces in the store right now that he feels a little like an explorer himself some days. Today through October 20th almost everything in Gambles will be discounted. If they’d had a Gambles when Columbus set out on his voyage, you can be sure he would have stopped by. Shane’s inventory is WAY more comfortable than anything they had on the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria.

Athletic Training Program at Riverton College helps prevent and treats injuries

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Central Wyoming College’s Athletic Training Program prepares students in the prevention, care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. As part of their second year, students complete a class called Athletic Clinical I. These students are assigned to a college team and take care of them in all aspects: pre and post practice, games and paperwork. This year’s students include: Cody Finlayson – Men’s basketball, Shawn Butner – Women’s volleyball and Ryan Sadlier – Women’s basketball.

#Snapped: Family on the move

Thanks to Ashley Eckley for sharing these snaps of a deer herd moving through Riverton on Friday evening. After crossing Federal, the deer moved on to Adams. “They seemed nervous and definitely out of the norm!” Eckley said. “Makes me feel like the seasons are changing fast!”