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Poultry Show highlighted Friday morning at the Fair: First time exhibitor gets win

(Riverton, Wyo.) – One youngster showing poultry at the county fair this morning expressed delight and surprise that in his very first show, his entry won Reserve Champion. “Nimbus” is the name of 11-year-old Xander Davidson’s chicken. Davidson was more than delighted and said he could not wait to tell his friends. He then eagerly placed his big ribbon on Nimbus’ cage and watched the rest of this morning’s show.

Letting it go? A secret you should share with your Fremont Therapy Group Men’s/Women’s Health Specialist

Some topics do not lend themselves to good dinner-table conversation; for this very reason many men and women are silent when it comes to symptoms like chronic constipation, urinary, bowel or gas leakage, or pain with sexual intercourse. Believe it or not, one in three women and millions of men are living with some type of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, so we’re definitely not alone.  Most go undiagnosed and untreated, because it is too embarrassing to talk about, even to our health care provider.