Dubois Association for Recreation and Trails debuts its first completed Mountain Bike Trail tomorrow

Dubois, WY – On the edge of the Shoshone National Forest, nestled between the Wind River Range and rugged Absaroka Mountains, sits the rustic and tiny rustic Town of Dubois. At the crossroads of the Continental Divide Hiking Trail and the Transamerica Bike Trail, Dubois is a pristine setting for backcountry skiing, picturesque hiking, remote climbing, and now, mountain biking. The landscape surrounding Dubois – the multi-hued crimson layers of badlands, forested peaks, tranquil lakes, and the meandering Wind River – inspired a handful of outdoor recreation enthusiasts to conceive Dubois Association for Recreation and Trails (D.A.R.T.), a non-profit dedicated to maintaining and improving access to local outdoor recreation opportunities. Membership includes those with interests of mountain bikers, hikers, skiers, climbers and trail runners.