#Snapped: The only cloud in the sky

(Riverton, WY) - Fremont County's favorite hot air balloon, the Cloud Kisser, was aloft over Riverton and drifted steadily north of town Saturday morning. Temperatures...

#Snapped: The beauty of Wyoming

Tristan Larsen sent in this photo of her family fishing Ray Lake on the first Saturday in April. Lucious is 15 and loves to...

#Snapped: A bend in the stream

Harvey Reading captured this photo near the mouth of Badwater Creek. Thanks for sharing, Harvey!

#Snapped: Perfect timing

(Lander, WY) - Karl Brauneis captured this sunrise and bull elk on April 4th. Thanks for sharing, Karl!

#Snapped: April reflections on Boysen

(Shoshoni, WY) - Rose Vowles captured these Boysen Reservoir reflections on Friday, April 2nd. Thanks for sharing these photos of #WindRiverCountry, Rose!

#Snapped: April views 🤩

(Lander, WY) - Karl Brauneis captured some Wind River spring vibes in these photos. Thanks for sharing, Karl! h/t Karl Brauneis - Wind River...

#Snapped: A moose on the loose outside of Riverton

Darlene Keldsen captured these photos of a moose just outside of Riverton today, March 29th. Thanks for sharing, Darlene!

#Snapped: A Crowheart morning

(Crowheart, WY) - Joe Brandl captured these photos of a morning feeding the other day.

#Snapped: ‘Mooo’ve over snowstorm

Bryan Parkhurst sent us this picture of this little guy being born amidst the snow storm last week. Thanks for the photo Bryan!

#Snapped: Frozen in time

Jim McGarvey sent in this unreal photo of the snow melting last Wednesday and captured some drops mid air! Thanks Jim!

#Snapped: Deer crossing

Karl Brauneis sent in these amazing photos of the amazing wildlife hanging around Fremont County. Thanks for the pictures Karl!

#Snapped: Wind River Range

The Wind River Range never looked so amazing! Karl Brauneis captured these beautiful shots from Beaver Rim on March 3rd.

#Snapped: Four-legged friends enjoying the local trails

(Lander, WY) - The Lander Nordic Club trail cam captured these two felines passing by the other night. Check out their post below! https://www.instagram.com/p/CMBMdPfr_er/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link What do...

#Snapped: Majestic wildlife in our backyard

What a great shot of two Great horned owls. This photo was taken North of Riverton Sunday morning by Kiki Medina. Thanks for sharing, Kiki!

#Snapped: Light at the end of the tunnel

This photo of a tunnel in the Wind River Canyon was sent in by Ramona Produit. Thanks for sharing, Ramona!

#Snapped: “Dawn’s early light”

This amazing photo was sent in by Connie Gustafson capturing the sunrise up trout creek near Ft. Washakie! Thanks for sharing, Connie!

#Snapped: Snow on the horizon

Jedadiah Meeks sent in these amazing photos of the Wind River Range! Thanks for sharing, Jedadiah!

#Snapped: A Wyoming wave

Bill Sincavage sent in this great shot of a snowblower on Togwotee Pass. Thanks for sharing, Bill!

#Snapped: A breathtaking view

Rose Vowles snapped this bird’s eye view of Red Canyon Road from the ridge. Thanks for sharing, Rose!

#Snapped: Wyoming traffic

Cody Beers snapped this photo last week on WY-789 between Riverton and Shoshoni. Thanks for sharing, Cody!

#Snapped: After the storm

Kortni Logan captured this beautiful view! Thanks for sharing, Kortni!

#Snapped: A winter storm moves over Fort Washakie

Mike Chingman captured this moment in Fort Washakie Saturday. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

#Snapped: Wyoming moose clears fence

Wind River Country is wild and beautiful – and we get to call it home! Wind River Visitor’s Council is proud to bring you...

#Snapped: Making the Moose out of life

Becky Bell sent us these awesome photos of a moose crossing a field below St. Stephen's. Thanks for sharing!