Where it all started…

    Founded in 2011, County 10 was born out of a need to connect our community. Fremont County, WY is as big as the state of Rhode Island and about as diverse a little population as it gets. We craved the ability to learn about each other and share our stories. Out of this need was born the first “Community News Stream.”

    In 2019, County 10 was purchased by a local owner, Kairos Communications, LLC. Since then County 10 has continued to grow in every way. In 2020, Kairos acquired a local digital marketing agency to offer more services to our advertising clients. That agency, rebranded to Marketlocal, now provides services across the country and to other media companies.

    In 2021, County 10 expanded again with the purchase of three Fremont County radio stations: 97.5 KDLY "The Brand", 105.1 Jack FM, and 1330 AM / 107.7 FM KOVE.

    The County 10 brand represents a lot of things. It’s local news. Local events, entertainment, music. It’s local lifestyle. Local faces and places. It’s National and State news that impacts our day to day. It’s “what’s happening.” It’s our community.

    County 10 is just...Community. Connected.


    County 10’s mission has always been to connect the community. Entrepreneurship drives the economy, which improves the quality of life for everyone. County 10's coworking space in Riverton is a hub for entrepreneurs and small businesses to connect, find resources, and do the work that makes Fremont County an incredible place to live!

    The Team