Submit a Letter to the Editor

    County 10 welcomes opinions from the community in the form of letters to our editors. Letters from the community are encouraged about any topic, but especially about community activities, organizations, thank-yous, recognition, and civic engagement. Your honest opinion about anything happening in our community is welcome, but County 10 is not a platform to lob cheap shots or just vent. Respectful discourse and the exchange of ideas and thoughts about a wide range of topics is the goal.

    Letters must be polite, thoughtful, and free from insulting language, threatening statements, profanity, innuendo, or defamation. You may criticise ideas, public actions, voting records, etc., but we will not accept letters that tear down other people. We will not publish promotional materials for any event, business, resource or organization, but your thoughts and comments about those topics are fair game.

    In addition, as of January 2023, letters…

    • Must be 500 words or less
    • Must be YOUR opinion and may not put words in other’s mouths
    • If you’re going to claim facts, stats, or quote someone else, sources must be provided
    • Must be submitted from a valid email (which will not be published)
    • Must be from an individual, not an organization and contain your full name and Fremont County City of residence (which will be published), letters from anyone living outside Fremont County will not be accepted except in special circumstances. 

    County 10 reserves the right not to publish any letter received, for any reason, but if the criteria above is not met, it won’t even be considered.

    Letters will be published exactly as received and may be published in groups of letters or individually, a decision entirely up to County 10 staff. Submit all letters to [email protected], submissions by any other method risk not being reviewed.