Rendezvous Elementary Student of the week: Chance Claussen

    Each week, staff at Rendezvous Elementary School nominate a student who has shown outstanding behavior toward their peers and in their academics. To view all students, click here.

    There are many definitions of honesty. Being honest can mean being sincere. It can also mean fairly earned, especially through hard work. Being honest means being free of deceit and well-intentioned. Whatever definition you use, Chance Claussen, exemplifies them all. A synonym of honesty is honorable, and though more typically used to describe a man, Chance demonstrates this trait regularly. He acts with honesty in the classroom, in the hallways, the cafeteria, and the playground, speaking truthfully and with kindness but also behaving respectfully and responsibly even when no one is watching. Not only do his peers show trust in him, but adults also know he will always choose to do the right thing. Chance is a model of honesty, and we are so proud of him and the excellent example he sets for others. 


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