Rendezvous Elementary Student of the week: Wyatt Arnold

    Each week, staff at Rendezvous Elementary School nominate a student who has shown outstanding behavior toward their peers and in their academics. To view all students, click here.

    Wyatt Arnold was an easy choice for our perseverance recognition because of the way he very recently handled some challenges and obstacles. When we began learning long division, Wyatt struggled with using the standard algorithm. Rather than switching to a different, less efficient strategy, Wyatt stuck with and worked so very hard. He persevered and pushed through, telling the joy and accomplishment that comes with such a task. I will always remember the pride in Wyatt’s voice as he proclaimed, “I’m pretty good at this!” Even after our long break, he was able to use the strategy proficiently. Great job, and keep tackling challenges head-on, Wyatt. Way to persevere! 


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