Detimore sentenced to 40-50 years imprisonment for sexual abuse of a minor charges

    (Lander, WY) – 72-year-old Fremont County man Donald Detimore was sentenced to no less than 40, no more than 50 years imprisonment for first degree sexual abuse of a minor, and no less than 10, no more than 15 years imprisonment for third degree sexual abuse of a minor, at his sentencing hearing held today, October 19.

    The sentences will run concurrently, and Detimore was also ordered to pay $4,322.09 in restitution.

    The hearing was overseen by the Honorable Judge Jason Conder, with the State represented by Patrick LeBrun, and the Defense by Devon Peterson.


    Detimore faced these charges after a survivor came forward in April of 2022 to report multiple instances of sexual assault that ranged from 2012 to 2015, with two of those incidents leading to Counts 1 and 2 mentioned above.

    Today’s hearing also served as a resolution to the additional immoral or indecent acts charges that Detimore faced, which stemmed from two separate assault survivors coming forward after the initial investigation into Counts 1 and 2 began.

    Those allegations dated to as far back as 1978, and as recent as 2002, with each survivor citing multiple instances of sexual assault during the time they knew Detimore.

    After Detimore was found guilty by a jury following a three day trial in July, all parties involved reached an agreement back in August as to those additional charges, and they were subsequently dismissed.


    The two assault survivors from those dismissed charges and a family member of the survivor from Counts 1 and 2 spoke at today’s proceedings, and having taken into consideration their words, the Jury’s verdict, and the subsequent Presentence Investigation report, Judge Conder stated that probation was “simply inappropriate,” and ultimately settled on the above sentencing.

    Editor’s Note: Due to the sensitive nature of sexual abuse charges involving minors, and out of respect to the assault survivors and their families, specific details of the hearing have been left out of this article.


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