Working from home in Wyoming is much more difficult than most of the country

    (Wyoming) – As employees continue to demand more workplace flexibility, Wallet Hub recently tallied a list of some areas of the country where this trend is done easily and where it’s more difficult.

    Dozens of different metrics were taken into account to create the list, including living environmental factors. Things like, access to cable and fiber, electricity cost, median square footage per average number of persons in a household. Working environment was also heavily considered and broken down by things like; share of workers working at home, share of potential telecommuters, cybersecurity and much more.

    Ultimately, the study discovered Wyoming was very low on the list.


    Overall, we rank 48th out of the 50 states, plus Washington D.C. Wyoming was 32nd in overall living environment standings and 47th in work environment. Only Arkansas, Montana and Alaska were suggested as worse places to work from home.

    The best places to work from home in America include New Jersey, Utah, Delaware, Maryland and Washington D.C.

    According to WalletHub, our neighbors in the Beehive State rank high because;” it has some of the lowest electricity prices in the country, which plays a big part in minimizing the cost of staying home all day. It also has reasonable internet costs, and the sixth-highest share of households with broadband internet.

    One place where Utah stands out that many people probably don’t think about is home square footage. Utah has the biggest homes in the country, at an average of 2,800 square feet. This helps prevent people from feeling cooped up while they are working from home.


    Around 14% of Utah’s workforce currently works from home, but over 95% could do their jobs from home in the future.”

    For the full study, click here.


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