What are Wyoming residents stressing out about the most? Study reveals, it’s work!

    (Wyoming) – This won’t come as a shock, but every day life is full of things that stress us out! In different areas of the world, a variety of unique things get under the skin of residents.

    Wallet Hub recently released a list of not only the most and least stressed states in the country, but what exactly has every state stressing.

    Overall, Wyoming’s stress-level was in the middle of the pack, 23rd out of the 50 states.


    By far the leading stressor for Equality State residents though, was work! Wyoming is the second-most stressed state about their jobs, trailing only Alaska. The biggest metric pointing toward work-related issues was their “time spent at work” category, in which Wyoming ranks tied for second with Texas, behind Alaska.

    Wyoming ranked 24th in “health and wellness-related stress” and “ 29th in “money-related stress.” We did well, though in “family-related stress,” ranking 44th in the country.

    Overall according to the WalletHub list, the most stressed states are; Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico and Arkansas. Least stressed states include; Minnesota, South Dakota, Utah, New Hampshire and Iowa.


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