Only one state’s residents shop online for clothes more than Wyoming’s do

    (Wyoming) – A national study has revealed where residents are spending the most money online for clothing and footwear. And thanks to the data tallied from the group at QR Code Generator, we have learned that Cowboy State residents spend the second-most in the country.

    Their list indicates that that Wyomingites spend an average of $1,870 per year with online purchases. The only state that spends more than us? California, at $1,971.

    And while you may think that Wyoming’s remoteness may have a lot to do with the high numbers, you may also be surprised to find that most of the top ten places are pretty urban.

    Rank State Dollars per Capita 
    California 1,971 
    Wyoming 1,870 
    New Jersey 1,868 
    New Hampshire 1,708 
    New York 1,700 
    Colorado 1,690 
    Illinois 1,653 
    Oregon 1,646 
    Massachusetts 1,574 
    10 Connecticut 1,534 
    QR Code Generator

    Places that spend the least include; West Virginia, Vermont, New Mexico, Alaska and Iowa.


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