Shoshone Rose Casino & Hotel approved for retail liquor license

    (Lander, WY) – The Shoshone Rose Casino & Hotel submitted a retail liquor license application to the Fremont County Commissioners and was approved for one yesterday, August 8. The vote was four to one.

    “We have decided to go this route to hopefully establish our distribution channel with the state of Wyoming,” shared Shoshone Rose Marketing Manager Jamie Williams. “And that’s why we’re here.”

    The Shoshone Rose has been operating under a permit from the joint business councils since October, which the local beer and wine cooler distributors have recognized.


    “So we did proceed with building our infrastructure and implementing our policies and procedures and just starting on the trial basis,” Williams continued. “And in order to add the spirits, we did want to take the appropriate steps.”

    TIPS training is part of their standard operating procedure.

    The alcohol will only be sold in the restaurant and the bar and lounge. No alcohol will be sold on the gaming floor.

    Eastern Shoshone Business Council Chairman John St. Clair was there in support of the Shoshone Rose getting the license.


    He said, “I think, just in general, the reason why the Business Council does support this license application by the Shoshone Rose is that it’s just a business decision.”

    “We’re not focusing or aiming the alcohol for our people. We are hoping that the outsiders, the tourists, the people who have weddings and birthday celebrations, (and) other kinds of activities, (we) want to make it available to them.”

    Clerk Julie Freese reminded the Commissioners that liquor licenses are renewed annually.


    “We get complaints, and we ask law enforcement if there are additional calls (and) if they’re alcohol-related,” Chairman Larry Allen said. “That’s some of the questions we ask on the annual renewal, so we’re gonna take all that into consideration. If this board approves the application today, we will review that and do some background research on it. And it’s not just the casinos. It’s all the liquor licenses within the county itself.”

    The motion to approve the license was made by Vice-Chair Mike Jones and seconded by Commissioner Clarence Thomas, with a final vote of four to one; Commissioner Ron Fabrizius was the only nay vote.


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