RHS Student of the week: Ezra Hernandez

    Each week, staff at Riverton High School nominate a student who has shown outstanding behavior towards their peers and their academics. At the end of the year, County 10 will present a scholarship of $500 to one of the students nominated! Click here to view all students.

    Ezra Hernandez was nominated as student of the week by Mrs. Samantha Howerton, Mrs. Melinda McLaughlin, and Mrs. Tomi Kirkland:

    Mrs. Samantha Howerton: “Ezra Hernandez is an RHS gem. His ability to get along with anyone, coupled with his leadership capabilities makes him one outstanding human.”


    Mrs. Melinda McLaughlin: “Ezra is cheerful and inclusive.  He comes to advisory with a great attitude and encourages every student, even the very shy students, to participate in connection circles by asking them follow-up questions.  His upbeat, friendly personality puts other students at ease and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is a great leader for RHS.”

    Mrs. Tomi Kirkland: “Who is a kid and staff favorite at RHS?  Ezra Hernandez.  Ezra is probably most famous for his distinct laugh.  No matter what a person is doing, or where a person is, if they hear his laugh, everyone instantly knows Ezra is in the house!  Ezra has grown from a squirrely freshman boy to the student body president at RHS.  An honor that is well deserved for this hard-working and self-assured young man.  When Ezra puts his mind to something, he works until he achieves his goal (especially if proving Ms. Kirkland wrong is his goal). Ezra knows who he is and is confident enough to always be himself;  what other sophomore boy would be willing to dress up in a hotdog costume and do front flips in front of the entire high school at a hotdog eating contest?  Ezra is also known for always sticking up for the underdog. Every school needs an Ezra Hernandez to defend what is right and to brighten the place with his laughter.”

    Ezra is involved in Student Council and Wrestling. He is also 2x outstanding student council member, 3x letter in wrestling, and 2x wrestling state qualifier. He plans to continue his education after High School.

    Ezra is the son of Frank Hernandez and Rori Wright.



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