Public comment period opens for proposed ‘Sunnyside Trail’ in Sinks Canyon State Park

    (Lander, WY) – Sinks Canyon State Park is pleased to announce the online public comment period opening for the proposed non-motorized, multi-use trail known as the “Sunnyside Trail.” This trail would provide an exciting recreational opportunity for visitors to explore the natural beauty of Sinks Canyon State Park.

    The Sunnyside trail is designed as an intermediate non-motorized multi-use trail providing crucial access from the Rise up to the US Forest Service parking area. This approximately 2-mile natural surface trail is designed to maintain a 4% (beginner) grade and 36-inch width and parallel the highway to provide locals and visitors with safe, accessible travel between existing assets in the park. The goal is to preserve as much habitat as possible while achieving a natural experience for trail users. This trail has been developed in collaboration with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming State Parks, and the Lander Cycling Club. 

    The public comment period is essential to the decision-making process, as it allows the community and stakeholders to provide valuable input and feedback on the proposed trail. Wyoming State Parks encourages all interested individuals, organizations, and agencies to participate in this process and share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.


    To facilitate public participation, an online platform has been established where individuals can access detailed information about the proposed Sunnyside Trail and submit their comments. The platform can be accessed at The public comment period will be open for 30 days, starting today, September 15, 2023, and ending on October 14, 2023.

    Wyoming State Parks is committed to ensuring transparency and inclusivity throughout this process. All comments received will be carefully reviewed and considered by the park management team. The feedback received will help inform the final decision regarding the implementation of the Sunnyside Trail.

    Wyoming State Parks values the input of the public and appreciates the community’s engagement in shaping the future of this proposed trail. By working together, we can create a trail that enhances the recreational opportunities in Sinks Canyon State Park while preserving the natural and cultural resources that make this area so special.

    For more information about the proposed Sunnyside Trail and the public comment period, please visit or contact Jessica Moore, Park Superintendent at Sinks Canyon State Park, at (307) 332-6333 or [email protected].


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