Casper’s Jeffree Star videos outing with his yaks

Instagram, @jeffreestar

(Casper, WY) – We’re guessing you’ve probably heard something in the news about Jeffree Star living in Casper, raising yaks. But, just in case we need to back up…

  • Jeffree Star is a professional YouTuber, entrepreneur makeup artist and singer/songwriter
  • In 2020, Jeffree moved from LA to Casper, buying a $1.1 million ranch
  • In 2021, he began raising yaks. He now has more than 40 yaks on his over 500 acres of land.

Jeffree went viral when he took a couple of those yaks to Casper’s Tractor Supply Company…

Jeffree’s proclaimed “Star Yak Ranch” has it’s own Instagram page if you’d like to see more yak life, click here!