2024 IMPACT 307 Fremont County Start-Up Challenge Winner: Scout Fauth

    “The point of the company is to bring people together and have good food.
    Good food makes happy people.”Scout Fauth, Yellowstone Spice Company

    The Impact 307 Start-Up Challenge in Fremont County selected three finalists for their 2024 challenge in April.

    One finalist, Scout Fauth, has been making and selling his family’s secret steak rub recipe under the Yellowstone Spice Company brand since 2022.

    h/t Vince Tropea, County 10

    He never thought there would be any product other than the family steak rub, but now that the Start-Up Challenge is supporting his business’s growth, he sees a lot of possibilities. His mother was a business owner here, and being born and raised in Lander, he wants to invest in the community.

    “I would like to follow in my mother’s footsteps creating a good business model that can create jobs here,” Fauth told County 10. “Lander is a kick-ass spot full of flavor.”

    While the steak rub is available locally (at Red & White Buffalo, the Fremont Local Market, and Mr. D’s Food Center) in Lander, Fauth didn’t know how to market and distribute beyond Fremont County. With the help of the Wyoming Business Council, the Yellowstone Spice Company was connected with trade shows and buyers outside of Wyoming.

    Soon “The Yellowstone Collection” — an assortment of spices for meats and vegetables to complete a whole meal — will debut. He hopes the sets will be part of a deal to stock his locally made product in Yellowstone National Park this summer. It could also see his brand — with its eye-catching “blue eyed buffalo” (designed by his sister) — selling in Xanterra stores across the country.

    But the problem now is efficiency. And that’s where the Start-Up Challenge has really helped.

    “I want to get a commercial kitchen established, so I don’t have to keep transporting things back and forth.”

    The demand for production means the Yellowstone Spice Company needs space to expand and meet commercial kitchen standards. Not only can the Start-Up Challenge help with that, it can also help Fauth build out his three year business plan (something that all finalists to the Challenge have received help with.) A commercial kitchen is just the first step.

    The Start-Up Challenge will also help with something called “Hop Sauce”: A blue-eyed jackrabbit-themed “spicy carrot” hot sauce that started as a personal challenge to Fauth years ago. After a trip to Belize where he first tried a carrot-based hot sauce, he is now headed back there to learn from Marie Sharp, the “Queen of Habanero.”

    “It’s a product I’m truly passionate about,” Fauth says of the next item in his Yellowstone Spice line. “I’ve been working on my own recipe for ten years!”

    The Habanero Queen produces all her sauces by hand with no automation, and grows her own hot peppers and carrots. Fauth hopes to bring some of her wisdom back to Lander, to put his own Wyoming brand on it.

    Hot sauce seemed like the next logical step after the success of his spice blends, which all started because of his family.

    “The point of the company is to bring people together and have good food. Good food makes happy people.”

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