Rendezvous Elementary Student of the week: Ryu Spoonhunter

    Each week, staff at Rendezvous Elementary School nominate a student who has shown outstanding behavior toward their peers and in their academics. To view all students, click here.

    This week’s Rendezvous student is Ryu Spoonhunter.


    Ryu is a shining example of empathy in action, showing care and concern in our classroom every day. He shows genuine compassion, as he consistently takes the time to check in on his teachers, give end of the day hugs, and  brighten their day with kindness. Not only does he extend his warmth to our educators, but Ryu’s empathy is evident in  his interactions with classmates. His thoughtful gestures, wishing them well and genuinely hoping for their happiness, create an atmosphere of positivity and warmth. In moments when someone feels low, Ryu’s understanding nature is a comfort. Ryu’s empathy ensures a brighter, more compassionate environment, where each interaction is infused with care, understanding, and genuine concern for others’ well-being.


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