Quiver pleads ‘guilty’ to accessory before the fact to manslaughter; sentencing set for October 12

    All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    (Lander, WY) – 42-year-old Jason Quiver, one of the parties charged in the death of 31-year-old Ashley Dewey, pled “guilty” to accessory before the fact to manslaughter at today’s August 17 change of plea hearing, overseen by the Honorable Judge Jason Conder.

    An October 12 sentencing hearing was then ordered, following a review of the Presentence Investigation Report that is due by September 22.


    Quiver faces the charge after Dewey was found beaten, stabbed, and under a burning tire in a Riverton residence on August 24.

    Quiver was originally charged with accessory before the fact to murder in the second degree and kidnapping (confinement), to which he pled “not guilty” at his May 18 arraignment, resulting in a scheduled September 18 jury trial.

    That trial was vacated following a plea agreement and amended information, which updated the first count to accessory before the fact to manslaughter, resulting in Quiver’s “guilty” plea in accordance to the plea agreement stipulations.

    During the investigation Quiver admitted to be at the residence when the murder occurred and claimed he did not take part in any of the violent acts, but also stated that he subsequently did nothing to aid Dewey or attempt to inform law enforcement.


    Two of the other parties involved, Keina Duran and Chasity Washington, reportedly stated that Quiver blocked Dewey from leaving the room where the violent acts occurred, with Washington adding that he used a pair of vice grips to pull on her tongue.

    (Court documents indicate that the vice grips were later collected, and were “found to contain DNA consistent with Quiver as well as Dewey and others.”)

    Judge Conder brought up the vice grip and door blocking allegations during the August 17 hearing, to which Quiver said, “That was news to me,” when a detective informed him of the claim during the investigation, and added that he was not actively blocking the door.


    Judge Conder then further questioned Quiver as to why he was pleading guilty to the accessory before the fact to manslaughter charge.

    “I don’t understand. You’re pleading guilty but saying you did nothing wrong. What happened?”

    Quiver then went on to clarify that at one point a friend stopped by to “do a couple shots,” and that “those girls” (Washington, Monroe and Duran) hid Dewey in the closet while he was there.


    When this happened Quiver stated that he didn’t tell the friend what was happening when he could have.

    Quiver also stated that he stepped outside of the residence for a cigarette while the violent acts were still occurring, and made eye contact with a neighbor.

    Quiver claimed that he gestured with his hands for the neighbor to call the cops, but did not actually verbally inform anyone of what was going on.

    Judge Conder found the factual basis satisfactory, as did the defense, represented by Jonathan Gerard, and the prosecution, represented by Tim Hancock.

    The Court conditionally accepted the guilty plea, and the sentencing hearing was then set for October 12.

    County 10 will provide updates on Quiver, which can be found here.

    Updates on the other parties involved are linked in their names: Keina DuranChasity WashingtonKasia Monroe.


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