September jury trial set for party involved in Dewey homicide

    (Lander, WY) – A September 18 jury trial has been set for 42-year-old Jason Quiver, one of the parties charged in the death of 31-year-old Ashley Dewey.

    Dewey was found beaten, stabbed, and under a burning tire in a Riverton residence on August 24.

    (The statuses of two of the other suspects involved, Chasity Washington and Kasia Monroe, can be read about here and here.)


    According to court documents, soon after Dewey’s body was discovered and she was pronounced deceased, contact was made with Quiver, who resided at the trailer where the homicide occurred.

    When this contact was made, Quiver was found with “what appeared to be blood on the front and bottom of his shirt.”

    Approximately three interviews were then conducted with Quiver over the course of the ensuing investigation, where he claimed that he was “not involved in the beating or stabbing of Dewey,” but that he observed Washington and Monroe to do so.

    During the investigation it was learned that a fourth party, Keina Duran (who now also faces charges), was also present during the incident.


    Duran told investigators that, “We were all in the room and (Dewey) couldn’t really do anything,” adding that at one point Dewey “attempted to leave,” but Quiver “stood in her way, not letting her leave the bedroom.”

    Washington was also interviewed during this time, who reported that she witnessed Quiver with “a pair of vice grips” that he used to pull on Dewey’s tongue in the bedroom where she was first assaulted.

    Court documents indicate that the vice grips were later collected, and “found to contain DNA consistent with Quiver as well as Dewey and others.”


    Quiver pled “not guilty” at his May 18 arraignment, resulting in the September 18 jury trial, according to court documents recently made publicly available.

    Quiver faces two felony charges for his reported role in the incident, including accessory before the fact to manslaughter, and kidnapping – confinement.

    Each charge carries a maximum punishment of 20 years imprisonment.


    County 10 will continue to provide updates on Quiver and each party involved as they become available.


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