Wyoming ranks again in the top 10 places for nurses

    (Wyoming) – National Nurses Week kicks off May 6th and the folks at Wallet Hub have released their annual study of the best and worst places for nurses.

    Wyoming ranked as the 8th best state in the country for nurses to work. Here’s a breakdown as to why…

    • Overall Rank: 8th
    • 15th – Monthly Avg. Starting Salary for Nurses (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
    • 28th – Health-Care Facilities per Capita
    • 12th – Nurses per Capita
    • 3rd – Projected Share of Elderly Population by 2030
    • 29th – Average Annual Salary for Nurses (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
    • 19th – Projected Competition by 2030
    • 6th – Avg. Number of Work Hours

    Washington ranked as the top state for nurses, followed by Maine, New Hampshire, Montana and New Mexico.


    With some work to do, states ranking lowest included; Hawaii, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

    For the full study, click here!


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