NABC votes to pursue formal removal charges against Councilman Addison

    The Northern Arapaho Business Council (NABC) released a statement today, August 20th, that they plan to pursue the formal removal of Councilman Al Addison from office for “fraud and/abuse of office,” and “dereliction of duty.” This announcement follows Addison being placed on paid administrative leave in early August for reportedly refusing to return tribal funds, as well as documentation related to the Wyoming Public Policy Center.

    Councilman Addison responded to this statement from NABC the following day stating, “The majority of the NABC requested that I provide to them the banking records of the Wyoming Public Policy Center (WPPC). Despite my offer to provide those records, the Council majority chose to falsely accuse me of refusing to provide the documents and refusing to return Tribal funds.”

    Below is the full statement released by NABC today.


    The Northern Arapaho Business Council (NABC) has voted to pursue the formal removal from office of Councilman Anthony “Al” Addison. Removal charges include:

    • Fraud and/abuse of office, related to Councilman Addison’s alleged unilateral actions and use of Tribal resources in authorizing, funding and operating the former Wyoming Public Policy Center (WPPC);
    • Dereliction of duty, related to Councilman Addison’s alleged failure to adequately perform his duties as an official of the Northern Arapaho Tribe. Since a formal request was made by the NABC on May 19, 2020, Councilman Addison has refused all demands to account for or return nearly $20,000 in Tribal funds last traced to WPPC bank accounts, as well as Tribal documents and other records regarding the WPPC.

    According to Tribal law, an NABC member may be removed from office by a majority vote if found to have committed any of the following offenses: fraud; embezzlement; bribery; solicitation or other abuse of office. Prior to the final vote for removal, the individual in question is entitled to answer the designated charges.

    In filing the removal charges, the NABC once again demanded that Councilman Addison return the Tribal funds in question, as well as documents and other Tribal property related to the WPPC. Today’s charges submission is the second formal action taken by the NABC against Councilman Addison in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the NABC placed Councilman Addison on administrative leave and suspended him from all NABC activities due to his refusal to return or account for Tribal funds, documents and property relating to the WPPC.

    As the NABC said in a statement at that time, “being a member of the Northern Arapaho Business Council is an honor and privilege that requires each of us to always act in the best interest of the Tribe. We did not take this step lightly and have given Councilman Addison every opportunity possible. Unfortunately, his consistent refusal to do the right thing has left us no choice in the matter. General Council resolutions and our Oaths of Office require that we take this action. We implore Councilman Addison to cooperate with the NABC in this matter immediately so that we may all carry on with the business of representing the Tribe and its interests.”


    The August 3rd statement from NABC regarding Addison being placed on administrative leave can be read here.

    Addison’s August 4th response to the NABC statement can be read here.


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