“Arapaho majority acts illegally and without notice,” says Councilmember Addison

    Northern Arapaho Business Councilmember Al Addison responded to the August 3rd statement from the NABC regarding their claims of him not returning tribal funds and documentation in a press release emailed to County 10 today, August 4th.

    “The majority of the NABC requested that I provide to them the banking records of the Wyoming Public Policy Center (WPPC),” Addison said in the press release. “Despite my offer to provide those records, the Council majority chose to falsely accuse me of refusing to provide the documents and refusing to return Tribal funds.”

    “The truth is that the Business Council approved of and authorized the funding of the WPPC and further authorized me to oversee the activities of the WPPC,” he continued. “I was not compensated in any way for my work on the WPPC and the bank account was closed over a year ago after paying all the legitimate bills and expenses.”


    Addison points out the banking records prove that he was not compensated and did not accept any expense reimbursements.

    He explains in the release that the WPPC was established in December 2018 to defeat off-reservation gaming legislation during the 2019 session. That effort was legal and successful, Addison noted.

    The Wind River and Little Wind casinos were going to reopen on July 22nd, but was postponed indefinitely the evening before. Addison attributes his opposition to the July reopening as the reason he was placed on administrative leave.

    “I believe my opposition to re-opening the casinos, to protect our employees and customers from the effects of COVID 19, is the true reason for the majority placing me on administrative leave,” Addison said. “My fellow councilmembers make a big deal of their transparency with their decision-making. The truth is, they are the least transparent Council in my 20 years of service on the NABC.”


    Addison’s full response can be read by clicking here.

    The August 3rd statement from the NABC can be read by clicking here.


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