Education is a Rich Reward for Mrs. O – St. Margaret’s School Staff Spotlight

    Meeting Tami O’Halloran, or “Mrs. O,” is like going for a nature walk on a sunshiny day; she exudes such joy and peace. Students never hear her raise her voice, but they know she cares enough to hold them to high standards. She always offers a sweet smile, a kind word, and a helping hand to students and staff. 

    This is Mrs. O’s first year at St. Margaret’s School as the Title I Coach, and she already makes a big impact on learning and culture, even though she may not have predicted this path. “Education was not what I knew I wanted to pursue. Education has pursued me, and I must say, I have been, and continue to be, richly rewarded.” 

    Photo caption: Mrs. O smiles with a group of students before the games begin at recess time. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    The most rewarding part of working at the school, she says, is “the day-to-day interaction with my students, and having the privilege to encourage them and walk alongside them to help them reach their academic goals.” 

    She often thinks to herself “I love my job,” and she believes in the mission there. “St. Margaret’s is a lifelong investment, regardless of the number of years attended, in kids’ mental, emotional, educational, and spiritual growth. The foundation of St. Margaret’s is what sets it apart. A foundation of Christian faith provides a strong and solid base for academic and emotional success.” 

    Photo caption: Mrs. O’s students have fun during a multi-sensory sand-tray activity for different ways to spell important letter sounds. h/t St. Margaret’s School

    Mrs. O hopes to model and teach her students to rely on God, especially in the face of challenges. She reminds herself to “rest in God’s promise that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me, and . . . to lean not on my own understanding of challenges, but to trust Him in all things, knowing that He will make my path straight.” She shines this wisdom and light when working with students as well. 

    Mrs. O loves her job too much to “play hooky,” but if she did, you might catch her spending time with her husband (Ron), her three sons (Joe, Nick, and Matt), or her two grandkids.  She enjoys creating scrapbook albums, and she still loves spending Fridays working at a local daycare. 

    You don’t have to be Catholic to work or enroll at St. Margaret’s School; Mrs. O is a great example of that. St. Margaret’s School is lucky to have her. She has a personal relationship with God and feels lucky to work in a faith-centered environment. All students benefit from an environment based on Christian values and practices, no matter their faith background. 

    Inspire your child’s faith, embrace their unique identity, and discover a path to excellence at St. Margaret’s School. Classroom space is available for preschool through 5th grade for the 2024-2025 school year. Register your child today by calling 307-856-5922 or online here. Find out what it means to be formed for life. For more information visit St. Margaret’s School, email [email protected], or call to schedule a tour.

    Photo caption: Mrs. O and a student model and listen intently to letter and word sounds during a quick phonics exercise leading into their one-on-one lesson for the day. h/t St. Margaret’s School

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