68th Annual Wyoming State Math Contest at CWC – Results and pictures

    The CWC Mathematics Department Mike Bostick, Jennifer Kellner, and Melena Osborne were proud to host the 68th Annual Wyoming State Math Contest at CWC on April 9th.

    There were 138 middle school and high school students from Riverton, Lander, Shoshoni, and Pavillion in attendance. Students participated in four individual rounds of 10 questions each, earning +20 for a correct response, -5 for an incorrect response and 0 for no response. These totals resulted in student’s individual scores.

    There was a new team round to the contest this year, where students would solve two more challenging questions in groups of 2-3 students. The team round was scored as the sum of the positive difference between a team’s answer and the correct answer, so a score of 0 is a perfect score. Overall school team scores for the high school divisions were calculated as the sum of the highest three individual scores, minus the total of the lowest team round score.

    According to district contest organizer Mike Bostick, “The contests exposed students to fun and interesting math problems not typically studied in school curriculum. Congratulations to all the students who participated in the contest and celebrated their excitement toward mathematics with us at CWC.”

    2023-2024 68th Wyoming State Math Competition, CWC Division

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