Where does Wyoming rank when it comes to the “smelliest” states?

Every state has its own charm. It also has its own smell.

The website BestLifeOnline.com has ranked all 50 states based on their “smelliness” rank.

They measured smelly factors like methane emissions, landfills, cropland, natural gas production and more.


Overall they found that Wyoming ranks as the 11th most smelly state. Here’s how our smelly score broke down;

Methane emissions per capita: 0.75 tons

Percentage of state occupied by landfills: 0.0004

Percentage of state occupied by cropland: 3.2


Natural gas plant liquid production per capita: 9511.4

Smelliness Score: 16.93

It’s not the best news, but we could be living in Nevada – the smelliest state. Maine, Utah, Arizona, Vermont and Oregon also place in the top of the smelliest.


The best smelling state apparently is Delaware. They’re followed by West Virginia, Illinois, North Dakota and Indiana.

For the full list click here.


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