WATCH: Use your equipment safely on our roads

    Injury Prevention Resources recently shared a video urging drivers to use their equipment safely on Wyoming roads.

    “Would you ever run a saw with a loose blade?” the video asked. “Then why would you drive without a seatbelt?”

    The video then asks if somebody would ever crawl under a car before checking the lift.

    Again, the answer is no so, again, they ask why you would drive without a seatbelt.

    “It takes less than two seconds to put on your seatbelt,” the video stated. “Seatbelts weren’t designed to be ‘cool.’ They were made to save lives.”

    IPR is dedicated to its mission of “zero deaths and zero injuries on our roads.” It says to practice the simple things to survive Wyoming roads, like buckling up, driving attentively and never driving impaired.

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