Look back with Mary Keep – Westward Height’s May Resident of the Month

    At Westward Heights, where every resident is a cherished chapter in their community’s story, one individual stands out with her warmth, wisdom, and enduring spirit – Mary Keep, Resident of the Month for May. Join us as we delve into the colorful memories and cherished moments that make Mary such a beloved member of the Westward Height’s community.

    Childhood Adventures and Simple Joys: Mary’s childhood was filled with simple pleasures. She would scrub floors on Saturdays, while her mother went to town, to earn the reward of a movie afternoon. Her childhood home was big with a spacious yard. They had a bathtub and very long closets that she used to hide in. Mary fondly remembers Christmas when she was a child with the tree and all of the presents- her mom would make homemade fudge.

    And who could forget her beloved horse, Chico? A faithful companion from the tender age of three, Chico shared in the adventures of youth and created memories that would last a lifetime.

    High School Memories and Fashion Faux Pas: Wooden shoes and saddle shoes may have been the height of fashion in high school, but Mary recalls never owning a pair herself. And while she may have dabbled in a bit of sass towards her mom, it’s clear that her mischievous spirit was always tempered with love and respect.

    Nostalgia for 1950: If Mary could turn back time, she’d choose 1950 without hesitation. It was a year of monumental milestones – graduating nursing school, getting engaged, and exchanging vows with her beloved. It’s a time she holds dear in her heart, filled with the promise of new beginnings and the warmth of shared love.

    Happiest Memories and Family Pride: For Mary, happiness is synonymous with family. Family has always been the cornerstone of her life, whether it’s the joy of welcoming her husband home from Korea or the sheer delight of raising her four children. Their accomplishments fill her with pride. They were never troublemakers.

    The family moved around a lot. Her husband had a job that required them to move to different reservations.

    Life Lessons and Wishes: Mary’s life advice is simple yet profound – know the Lord. It’s a guiding principle that has shaped her journey and continues to light her path. And if she had three wishes, they would be for the ability to walk, the companionship of her beloved dog once again, and the closeness of her children and grandchildren.

    Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures: In her leisure time, Mary finds joy in the little things – reading, tackling word searches, and soaking in the sunshine outdoors. But perhaps her greatest joy comes from spending time with family and being an active part of the community at Westward Heights.

    Love for Westward Heights: What does Mary love most about Westward Heights? It’s the care and kindness of the staff, the camaraderie among residents, and, of course, the delicious meals.

    Here’s to Mary, our May Resident of the Month. A true treasure in our midst!

    Her journey is a testament to family’s enduring power, faith’s importance, and the beauty of embracing life’s simple joys.

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