Success Spotlight: Debra East, SageWest Health Care

“Gratitude for patient self-advocacy and physician attention.”

Debra enjoyed good health and an active life until she began to develop worsening pain in her right hip. Loss of mobility precipitated weight gain and additional complications, creating a potential barrier for hip replacement surgery. 

“I needed to find a way to manage the pain so I could get moving again and lose the weight I had gained,” Debra shared. “A recommended course of action is to get a series of fluoroscopic steroid injections that require pin-point accuracy, and I wanted to work with a physician who would truly listen to my concerns and needs. Dr. Edwin Butler, Radiologist at SageWest Health Care, listened. And he was instrumental in helping me have less pain to achieve my goals to be a successful surgical candidate. From the very first session he helped to assuage all of my concerns, collaborated with calmness by narrating the process as he was performing the injections – something that was of utmost importance to me as it inspired confidence and built trust between us.” 

“From the first injection I was able to engage in physical therapy better, lift free weights with specific limits, and rebuild steps to independence, which was a major factor as we had to deal with COVID-19 and I wanted to protect myself and others as well,” Debra recalled. “Two months after the first injection I had my second, and then two more afterwards. Each time I was given a reprieve from the severe osteoarthritic pain that held me back and I continued to make progress toward my goals. I have great appreciation for Dr. Butler’s expert care and professionalism as I was able to go ahead and have my hip joint replaced in June – something that would not have been possible before. I am now building back mobility with much less pain, walking, cycling and taking stairs, with more to come. Thank you, Dr. Butler for your invaluable help in getting me to this point. I’m very grateful.” 

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