St. Stephens High School awards ceremony held Wednesday night

    (St. Stephens, WY) – Students along with their families and friends gathered in the St. Stephens High School gym for the 2021-22 Academic/Athletic Awards Ceremony last night, May 18th.

    Providing the welcome and the Staff Member of the Year Award was Patrick Pasquinelli. Two high school staff members received the award this year – Shelli Littleshield and Macey Mortimore.

    Charlie Oldman presented the Cross Country Awards. Letter winners and individual awards are as follows: Nemo Divers (Most Improved), Laylo Rodriguez (Never Quit, Never Give Up), Zion Sioux (Best Teammate), and Consualo Yellowbear (Leadership).


    Dee Harrison presented the Football Awards. Letter winners are as follows: Jordan Barraza, Anthony Black, Daniel Black, Adrian C’Hair, Jacob Gambler, JJ Lawson, Aynjle Monroe, Virgil Monroe, Jai’Ron Rhodes, Tyren Ridgley, Reico Shakespeare, Ayden Spoonhunter, Jonathan Spoonhunter, Raincloud SunRhodes, Bluebird Talksdifferent, and manager Wyatt SunRhodes.

    Shelli Littleshield presented the Volleyball Awards. Letter winners and individual awards are as follows: Saraka Gardner (Best Attitude, Most Dedicated), Shaydessa Gardner (Perfect Passer, Miss Cinnamon Roll), Ambrosia Harris (Best Blocker, Most Dedicated), Amanda Jenkins (Perfect Passer, Miss Hustler, Libero of the Year, All-Conference), Faylene Ridgley (Most Improved), Madison Ridgley (Miss Unpredictable, Perfect Passer, Miss Ace), Jonae Spoonhunter (Best Attacker, Rookie of the Year), Tiyanna Stiffarm (Most Dedicated, Silent but Deadly), Camryn Williams (Perfect Passer), and Medallyon Yellowbear (Top Teammate, Volleyball Superstar, All-Conference). Additional individual awards went to Angelea Ridgley (Most Improved, Top Teammate) and Daylene Robertson (Serving Star).

    Ricky Blackburn presented the Boys Basketball Awards. Letter winners and individual awards are as follows: Dayne Antelope, Jordan Barraza (All-Conference, All-State, MVP), Walter Duran, Cadyn LoneDog, Stephen LoneDog (Defensive Player of the Year), Stephon LoneDog, Jai’Ron Rhodes (Top Rebounder), Tyren Ridgley (Playmaker), Shy Roman, Arthur Shakespeare, Jaymon Shoyo, and Ayden Spoonhunter (Most Improved).

    Karen Returnstowar presented the Girls Basketball Awards. Letter winners and individual awards are as follows: Larissa C’Hair (Most Improved), Shaydessa Gardner, Amanda Jenkins (Most Steals-22, All-Conference), Rocio Juarez, Tajia Moss (All-Around Player), Tommy Moss, Faylene Ridgley (Top Rebounder-26, All-Conference), Madison Ridgley, Jonae Spoonhunter (Most Rebounds-33, Most Points-63), Camryn Williams (Top Rebounder-22), Calista Yellowbear, Consualo Yellowbear, and Medallyon Yellowbear.


    Dee Harrison presented the Track & Field Awards. Letter winners are as follows: Daniel Black, Adrian C’Hair, Larissa C’Hair, Nemo Divers, Walter Duran, Alexis Hutchinson, Amanda Jenkins, Cadyn LoneDog, Virgil Monroe, Georgeanne Moss, Georgetta Moss, Jai’Ron Rhodes, Zion Sioux, Wyatt SunRhodes, Bluebird Talksdifferent, Condualo Yellowbear, and Medallyon Yellowbear. Participation awards are as follows: Saraka Gardner, Ambrosia Harris, Steven Harris, JJ Lawson, Aynjle Monroe, Jaymon Shoyo, and Raincloud SunRhodes.

    Attendance Awards were next after sports concluded. Shelli Littleshield presented the Excellent Attendance Award to Laylo Rodriguez and Perfect Attendance Awards to Nemo Divers, Saraka Gardner, Lawrence Jenkins Jr., Terrekk Jenkins, Jerome Lawson Jr., Israel Lopez, Virgil Monroe, Georgeanne Moss, Kenya Rhodes, Raincloud SunRhodes, Consualo Yellowbear, and Terrance Yellowplume.

    Turnaround Students Awards were also given out to three students, Lawrence Jenkins, Kenya Rhodes, and Donnie Watt. They were not in attendance.


    Zion Sioux received the Internship Award along with the CWC College Class Award. Also receiving the CWC College Class Awards were Rocio Juarez, Laylo Rodriguez, and Blue Moccasins Soldier Wolf.

    Rory Tendore presented CWC scholarships to Jordan Barraza, Rocio Juarez, Tommy Moss, and Consualo Yellowbear.

    Philip Whiteplume presented the JOM scholarships to Rocio Juarez, Jaymon Shoyo, and Consualo Yellowbear.


    Rounding out the evening of awards were the Students of the Year. Rocio Juarez was named Ranger Student of the Year and Laylo Rodriguez was named Eagles Student of the Year.



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