St. Margaret’s Student of the Week: Farrah Nation

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    Farrah Nation shines because of her bright, bubbly personality, her work ethic, positive example, and her desire to help others, just like her mom and dad. 

    Photo Caption: Farrah works together with a friend to figure out a math task in class.

    “My dad helps people by catching bandits and stuff because he’s a cop.” She is very proud of her dad. In fact, she wants to be a firefighter someday because of him. “That‘s what I always want to be. I like the fire trucks. They get fire off buildings, and they help people, just like police officers just like my dad, Jacob!” She couldn’t contain her excitement, jumping up and down with a big smile as she talked about him. 

    “My mom helps dogs, and I get to go over there sometimes, and I clean the dog kennels. She helps people so that they don’t have to worry about their dogs because she is taking care of them.” Farrah’s mom, Mandy, owns and operates The Spotted Buffalo in Riverton. 

    It makes Farrah feel good when she helps people, too, and she knows it makes God happy. “God is good. He helps people. I ask Him did I do good today or when I tell Him that I do good every single day at school. I show God’s love by taking care of other people, like my grandma Mary. Sometimes we take her to that bridge with smooth water and take pictures. It’s really, really nice. It makes her feel good. I feel good too.” Farrah also helps her family by cleaning the dishes, playing with her five dogs, and helping with the big greenhouse they are going to build this summer. 

    Farrah knows a good leader “is someone who helps people like being nice to them and by helping them up when they fall down and helping people when they get to a big age in their wheelchairs. And you should help your grandma when she is working with her plants.” Farrah reminds us that there are so many ways, big and small, to help others. 


    Miss Petro, Farrah’s teacher, said she “is caring towards her peers and sets a Christian example… She always has a word of kindness for others … and is willing to assist others as well as her teacher.” Miss Petro commended Farrah for her leadership and positive example, saying she inspires and “promotes a positive environment in and out of the classroom.” Farrah also has a great work ethic, and Miss Petro loves that “she is conscientious about doing her best. She will not give up no matter the degree of difficulty.” 

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    Photo Caption: Farrah is so focused during writing time that even the camera doesn’t distract her.
    Photo Caption: Farrah gets ready to race friends at recess.

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