St. Margaret’s Student of the Week: “A True Inspiration” 

    Each week, staff at St. Margaret’s Catholic School nominate a student who has shown exemplary behavior towards their peers and academics. View all nominated students here.

    If you’ve ever attended one of the school Masses, you’ve probably been impressed by the way 4th-grader Westley W. answers Fr. Louie’s questions during the Homily. This young man is focused, attentive and intelligent. 

    Westley’s 4th-grade Teacher, Mrs. Loghry, says he stands out for his acts of kindness, academic excellence, and leadership example. “Westley’s love for learning is impressive. He treats everyone around him with kindness, continuously sets a positive example for his peers, and isn’t afraid to show his love for Jesus . . . He is a joy to be around.” She says students and even staff can learn how to show kindness by watching Westley. 

    Photo caption: Westley poses with some of his 4th-grade classmates and his teacher, Mrs. Loghry, during a field trip to the pumpkin patch. 

    Westley enjoys learning so much that he can’t pinpoint one favorite subject in school. “It started when I was in Kindergarten. The girls asked me a math question. ‘What’s 1 + 1?’ and I said ‘11,’ but they said it was 2. Then I decided I should study all the subjects, and it turns out I liked them all. I still do.”

    Westley says good leaders are “kind, they’re honest, and they’re good role models. They do the right thing as much as they possibly can.” His teachers agree that Westley lives up to his own definition of leadership. 

    Photo caption: Westley and a classmate presenting their monthly Literary to an audience in the church. 

    Westley’s dad is his inspiration. “He’s just good at everything. I was doing a workout with him, and he did 1,000 squats, and I wasn’t even able to do 100 in the time he was able to do 1,000. He’s also taught me most of the math I know. He’s a geological engineer, so math is kind of his thing.”

    Like his dad, Westley thinks he may want to be an engineer. In the future, Westley says you might catch him attending the Colorado School of Mines, and he’s interested in learning more about coal, diamond, and gold mining.  


    Mrs. Loghry wants Westley to know “You’re a true inspiration to those around you. Your desire to learn and grow means a lot to me as a teacher, and I’m so happy to have you in my class.” 


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