St. Margaret’s Student of the Week: Eli Hill

    Each week, staff at St. Margaret’s Catholic School nominate a student who has shown exemplary behavior towards their peers and academics. View all nominated students here.

    St. Margaret’s fourth-grader Eli Hill looks up to his parents, Will and Stephanie Hill, and to his teachers. “One, [my teachers] teach me things, and, two, they help me learn from my mistakes.” According to Eli, learning from mistakes and about life is the best thing about St. Margaret’s. “You learn about God . . . and the things you need to know to live a good life.” He also looks to the saints for inspiration. “Saint Francis Xavier is a good one because he traveled a lot and preached, and there are stories of Saint George fighting a dragon, but really he was just a full-living man.” 

    Nominating staff, Jennifer Person, said, “Eli shines in many ways. I enjoy his pure joy for the bible story trivia that I’ve had outside my room. He passed me in the hall one day excited to know when the next question will be posted. His heart for the knowledge of the Word of God is inspiring to me. I’ve seen him time and time again step up and into a leadership role with the little children of our school.” 


    Eli smiles when he hears that staff think of him as a leader. “To be a leader is to be one that people can look up to, to be understanding, to be kind, honest, and do your best.” Those are the three school rules at St. Margaret’s – be kind, be honest, do your best – and Eli sets a good example. 

    During the October Fire Safety Presentation at St. Margaret’s School, Eli demonstrates how to put out a kitchen fire using mock equipment in the Fremont County Fire Safety and Prevention Trailer.

    Eli wants to be a priest, a scientist, or an engineer someday, and he loves learning about History. “My favorite thing in school is probably CKLA. CKLA stands for Core Knowledge Language Arts, and right now, we’re learning about our past and how the United States came to be free, the Revolutionary War, and I just really like the history.” 

    To top off his good qualities, Eli has a great sense of humor. Mrs. M asked Eli what he thought about his Student of the Week nomination. Humbly, he smiled and asked, “When will the next trivia be up?” 

    Eli and his classmate dressed up as saints for All Saints Day. Eli was Saint Francis Xavier, a saint who is storied to have slain dragons.

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