St. Margaret’s Student of the Week: Bradie Lenhardt

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    Fortunately for St. Margaret’s School, Bradie Lenhardt’s family enrolled her in Kindergarten at St. Margaret’s after moving back to Riverton last summer. Bradie’s sweet spirit shines through in the way she treats and speaks to students and staff, and she is always eager to learn.  


    Her teacher, Karen Huxtable, said, “She is always kind, honest and does her best. Bradie treats others with respect and is willing to help without being asked. She works hard and loves to draw.” 

    Bradie loves her school. “I like to learn about saints because they are up in heaven, and I like to learn about God and Jesus because Jesus decided he wanted to die for us.” She also loves her teacher. “I have the best teacher ever! Mrs. Huxtable. We do math and science and reading and centers. We learn about Jesus and Mary and God every day.” Bradie says Mrs. Huxtable is “so beautiful,” and it makes her happy that Mrs. Huxtable “just loves to learn with us.” Bradie thinks all the teachers at her school are “so sweet.”

    Photo Caption: Bradie works with her teacher at a math center. She might think she’s just playing a fun dice game, but Mrs. Huxtable knows she’s reinforcing important foundational numeracy skills when it comes to counting and writing the “mean teens” that don’t follow the rules of other double digit numbers. 

    Bradie’s favorite animals are unicorns and frogs. “Mrs. Huxtable has these toy frogs, and they’re so cool, and we read a lot about them. I love how frogs have different colors on them. I love so much things about frogs.” 


    As of now, she wants to be a princess when she grows up. “I also probably want to stay by my mom and stay being really nice.” Endearingly, she mentioned again that she also really loves unicorns.

    Photo Caption: Bradie is all smiles during the Thanksgiving luncheon with her grandma at St. Margaret’s School. 

    Bradie’s role model is her older brother. “Sometimes we are mean to each other, but mostly we are good, but he forgives me, so I always forgive him.” What a lesson on love and forgiveness! She thinks her brother is great at sports, and he teaches her about kindness and working hard.  


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    Photo Caption: Bradie, along with some of her Kindergarten class, poses with the presenters and dancers who brought a beautiful and educational Native American Heritage presentation to St. Margaret’s School in November. Students learned about Native American history and dancing. Ms. Belle, left, a student teacher at St. Margaret’s School, organized the presentation.


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