Shoshoni High School student of the week: Brody Bonella

    Each week, staff at Shoshoni High School nominates one student who has shown outstanding behavior towards their peers and teachers. To view all nominated students, click here.

    Brody Bonella is the student of the week for Shoshoni High School. Brody participates in FFA. He has won a State Degree.

    What are your plans after high school?


    My plans after high school are to attend Job Core for my CDL and heavy equipment certifications. Then, after that, I’m going to save money for WyoTech to become a heavy equipment diesel mechanic. Upon completion of WyoTech, I am going to attend a  CAT school somewhere to get my certification. My long term goal is to start my own business for farming, construction, digging, and hauling livestock. 

    What is your favorite school subject or activity and why?

    Construction tech, FFA, wood shop, and metal fabrication are my favorite subjects.  The reason I enjoy these courses is because they help me in the real world. Woodworking and welding will give me skills that I can use after graduation.  All of these classes have been an awesome experience for me. 

    Who is your favorite teacher and why?


    My favorite teachers are Mr. Christensen and Mr. Clemetson because they have helped with everything from learning welding to building walls and frames in walls. Mr. Christian- Thank you for helping me with everything these past years with my career at the Shoshoni FFA and thank you for the state degree.   

    Mr. Clemetson- Thank you for everything that you have been teaching since last year and it has been a huge blessing to work with you on projects. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and empowering me to push myself to work harder than ever to get the things I want.

    Who is your role model? What have you learned from them?


    My grandma, my Dad, and also my uncle Greg  have been there for me when I needed to talk or learn something new. They will always be there for me, I’m super blessed to have them as parents and role models. I appreciate that I can go to them to ask for advice about equipment and more. 

    What makes your school special?

    What makes our school special is that people think we are a small school but we are talented with all the coaches from sports, advisors for our FFA chapter, and super amazing hands-on classes that we have  just added for our school like, auto mechanic, some others ones. 


    Quote from a staff member:

    If you look up the word “tenacity” in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Brody Bonella. Every day in English class, Brody Bonella attacks the task at hand and doesn’t stop until it’s complete. His work ethic is second to none. Because of that tenacity, Brody has grown in leaps and bounds both as a reader and writer his senior year. It’s an attitude that will serve him – and really everyone- well in life. (Mr. Brown)

    Brody is the son of Ben and Candy Bonella.


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