Shoshoni High School student of the week: Luke Cash

    Each week, staff at Shoshoni High School nominates one student who has shown outstanding behavior towards their peers and teachers. To view all nominated students, click here.

    Luke Cash is the student of the week for Shoshoni High School. Luke participates in Basketball, and Track.

    Luke recently won an award for Outstanding Sophomore Mathematics!


    When asked what his favorite subject in school is, Luke said:

    “A year ago I might’ve told you math… But now in learning so much more through college classes and advanced stem, I can confidently tell you it’s stained glass. Stained glass is one of the more difficult art classes. I took stained glass freshman year and returned to it this year. Stained glass has become my favorite class through working on many different projects and hanging out with the other glass breakers.”

    Luke’s favorite teacher is Rachel Rapp:

    “Rachel Rapp is extremely smart and organized, from ecological taxonomy to physics she has a tremendous area of expertise and knowledge, while maintaining an unequivocal organizational system.”


    Luke’s role model and some things he’s learned from them is:

    “Jim Jensen is my role model. He has shown me that you can succeed at anything so it might as well be what you love to do and what you have fun doing.”

    Luke thinks his school is special because:


    “The way it was built and the people who hold it together. My grandpa owns a construction company, Dave’s Asphalt, and on occasion let his grandkids run the truck scale, so in a way through my grandpa and his company I was able to contribute slightly to the construction of Shoshoni Schools. Also, numerous teachers and staff, through dedication and hard work, are producing better students, harder workers, and awesome people.”

    Luke was nominated by Mr. Dick: “Luke is always ready to play any game we have. He is always playing to have fun and wants to make the class as enjoyable as possible for everyone around him. I always like having Luke in class because we have some fun conversations about new topics all the time. (Mr. Dick)”

    Luke is the son of Terri Castle and Dustan Cash.


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