Seven to State for the Lady Wolverines

    Seven Riverton girls qualified in swimming events, and Addison Peart met the qualifying standard in diving for next weekend’s state championships in Gillette.

    “It’s been a great season, and I’m very proud of all of them, even those that didn’t make a qualifying time,” Riverton head swim coach Kristi Spriggs said.

    Addison Peart qualified in diving for the state meet – h/t Randy Tucker

    The Lady Wolverines will field all three relays as well as filling a dozen individual events. In swimming you can compete in two individual events and two relays. As a whole, Riverton girls met the standard in 24 individual events.


    Amelia Tate met the standard in the 50, 100, and 200 freestyle, the 200 individual medley, the 500 free, and the 100-yard butterfly.

    Riverton’s Julianne Spradlin in the 100-yard backstroke – h/t Randy Tucker

    Prestley Barta also qualified in the 50, 100, and 200 freestyle and the 100-yard breaststroke.

    Kendall Vincent is qualifying in the 50,100, and 200 freestyle as well as the 100-yard backstroke and the 200-yard individual medley.

    Julianne Spradlin slammed the three freestyle events as well qualifying previously in the 50 and 100-yard events and qualifying on Thursday at home in the 200 in the Last Chance Meet.


    Chloe Smith will choose from the 100, 200, and 500-yard freestyle races and the 200-yard individual medley.

    Stella Pfisterer in the 100-yard freestyle – h/t Randy Tucker

    That equates to six different girls qualifying in the 200-yard freestyle.

    “We worked pretty hard to get them to this spot,” Spriggs said.


    Addison Peart qualified in the 5-meter dive and the 100-yard backstroke. Peart flirted with meeting the qualifying mark earlier in the year but made it easily on Thursday.

    “We worked all year to get her to that spot,” Spriggs said. “She missed out at the last home meet by one point. It was awesome to see her get that.”

    Lander’s Liv Ooten in the 100-yard butterfly – h/t Randy Tucker

    Stella Pfisterer qualified in the 200-yard individual medley.


    “I’ll look at stats to see which event will get them the highest amount of points or closest to the podium,” Spriggs said.

    The state championships open on Friday.

    Christen, Julianne, Jameson, and Jay Spradlin on Senior Night – h/t Randy Tucker
    Paul and Mandy Bailey with daughter Amelia Tate – h/t Randy Tucker
    Alexa, Lily,Eric and Ollie Nowland on Senior Night — h/t Randy Tucker

    Riverton Last Chance Swim Meet

    5-Meter Diving: 1. Addison Peart, RIV 174.55, 2. Madi Clancy, LAN 154.40, 3. Brianna Else, LAN 131.90

    Lander’s Brianna Else completed a dive – h/t Randy Tucker

    100-Yard Breaststroke: 1. Katy Anderson, LAN 1:14.53, 2. Josey Johnson, 1:20.51, 3. Ruby Johnson, LAN 1:27.34, 4. Kendall Vincent, RIV 1:28.12, 6. Amelia Tate, RIV 1:34.41, 8. Jana Goetker, RIV 1:43.73

    200-Yard Medley Relay: 1. Lander (Emma Jones, Emily Plaisted, Emily Anderson, Madi Clancy) 2:02.89 2. Riverton (Addison Peart, Chloe Smith, Amelia Tate, Lillian Nowland) 2:12.75

    200-Yard Freestyle: 1. Lara Roberton, LAN 2:06.40, 2. Chayse Denton, LAN 2:17.58, 3. Julianne Spradlin, RIV 2:20.16, 4. Cira Hampson, LAN 2:22.89, 5. Kendall Vincent, RIV 2:23.03, 6. Samantha DeClercq, RIV 2:36.29

    200-Yard Individual Medley: 1. Stella Pfisterer, RIV 2:41.42, 2. Jana Goetker, RIV 3:17.04

    50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Josey Johnson, LAN 26.47, 2. Emma Jones, LAN 26.71, 3. Daegan Reinhardt, LAN 27.22, 5. Chloe Smith, RIV 29.04, 6. Addison Peart, RIV 29.29, 13. Austyn Chitwood, RIV 32.93

    400-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Lander (Chayse Denton, Arianna Applegate, Morgan Hill, Emma Jones) 4:24.44, 2. Riverton (Stella Pfisterer, Chloe Smith, Austyn Chitwood, Julianne Spradlin) 4:33.37

    100-Yard Butterfly: 1. Liv Ooten, LAN 1:21.13, 2. Kimi Salway-One Horn, LAN 1:31.06

    100-Yard Freestyle: 1. Katy Anderson, LAN 56.64, 2. Emma Jones, LAN 58.23, 3. Lillian Nowland, RIV 1:05.71, 4. Cira Hampton, LAN 1:06.42, 5. Stella Pfisterer, RIV 1:07.28

    500-Yard Freestyle: 1. Emily Anderson, LAN 6:07.09, 2. Emily Plaisted, LAN 6:21.45, 3. Morgan Hill, LAN 6:35.13, 4. Samantha DeClercq, RIV 6:44.04, 5. Austyn Chitwood, RIV 6:50.77

    200-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Lander (Sierra Selley, Emily Plaisted, Lyla Roberts, Lara Robertson) 1:59.51, 2. Riverton (Addison Peart, Lillian Nowland, Stella Pfisterer, Kendall Vincent) 2:00.44

    100-Yard Backstroke: 1. Daegan Reinhardt, LAN 1:06.39, 2. Emily Robertson, LAN 1:07.70, 3. Lara Robertson, LAN 1:09.46, 4. Amelia Tate, RIV 1:14.16, 5. Chloe Smith, RIV 1:15.20, 6. Julianne Spradlin, RIV 1:17.43


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