Riverton has seven girls qualified in 19 events for state swimming – Riverton Quad Results

    The Riverton girls continue to improve with seven swimmers and divers already meeting the qualifying standard for the state championships in 19 events.

    The Lady Wolverines hosted a quad meet with Lander, Evanston, and Rawlins last Thursday at the Riverton Aquatic Center, with Riverton beating Evanston and Rawlins in dual competition but losing to cross-county rival Lander. Lander swept all of their duals.

    “They all dropped a lot of time, in almost every single race,” Riverton head coach Kristi Spriggs said. “It’s awesome to see that in the middle of the season. It shows our technique work is improving.”

    Riverton’s Stella Phisterer out of the blocks – h/t Claire Manning

    Riverton has the largest group of girls out for swimming in several seasons and they’ve shown flexibility in the events they’re competing in.

    “They’re all swimming races they weren’t expecting to swim,” Spriggs said. “We’re going for maximum qualifications in as many events as we can.”

    The state meet is in Gillette in four weeks and Spriggs has the final workouts of the season planned to maximize state performance.

    Lander’s Adlyn Even took a breath – h/t Claire Manning

    “We’re going to peak out in the next week or so, then start our resting process, taper, and head into the last chance,” She said.

    Spriggs is hoping for at least nine qualifiers.

    The dual nature of the meet was done entirely on the computer with the top three swimmers and divers in each event placed against each other.

    The computer scores six places, with three going to each team. If a team has three girls with faster times in an event, it is scored 1-2-3 for that team, with the highest placers from the other team scored as 4-5-6.

    Lander’s Ruby Johnson approaching the finish – h/t Claire Manning

    It’s not a true dual meet, but it provides a gauge of how teams are proceeding throughout the season.

    Riverton girls who have qualified for state so far are, Pressly Barta in four events, Chloe Smith also in four, and Amelia Tate in five.

    Stella Phisterer powered through a stroke – h/t Claire Manning

    Kendell Vincent qualified in three events, and Stella Phisterer and Briana Sweeney qualified in diving.

    “Julianne Spradlin qualified in the 100 freestyle and she should end up with at least three more events,” Spriggs said.

    Some swimmers and divers are very close to meeting the mark and have a few more meets to make the standard.

    Lander’s Cira Hampton – h/t Claire Manning

    “Addie Peart was only three points off in diving and .11 in qualifying in the backstroke,” Spriggs said. “She dropped four seconds to get there.”

    Gillette this weekend Friday and Saturday.

    Wolverine Quad

    Lander 239 Evanston 173

    Lander 232 Rawlins 166

    Lander 239 Riverton 193

    Riverton 221 Evanston 191

    Riverton 203 Rawlins 195.

    Rawlins 197 Evanston 192

    200-Yard Medley Relay: 1. Rawlins 2:08.84, 2. Riverton (Kendall Vincent, Prestley Barta, Amelia Tate, Juliane Spradlin) 2:20.38

    200-Yard Freestyle: 1. Katy Anderson, LAN 2:06.94, 3. Prestley Barta, RIV 2:20.32, 5. Arianna Applegate, LAN, 2:25.05, 7. Lillian Nowland, RIV 2:31.11

    200-Yard Individual Medley: 1. Chayse Denton, LAN 2:34.03, Cira Hampton, LAN 2:38.16, 4. Amelia Tate, RIV 2:40.58, 5. Kendall Vincent, RIV 2:45.23, 6. Stella Pfisterer, RIV 2:48.42

    50-Yard Freestyle: 1. Josey Johnson, LAN 26.82, 3. Emily Anderson, LAN 27.19, 4. Emma Jones, LAN, 27.38, 5. Daegan Reinhardt, LAN 27.45, 6. Emily Plaisted, LAN 28.61, 7. Julian Spradlin, RIV 28.84

    One Meter Diving: 1. Rachel Johnson, EVN 234.80, 4. Addison Peart, RIV 147.30, 5. Brittney Sweeney, RIV 135.05, 6. Brianna Else, LAN 117.20, 7. Madi Clancy, LAN 112.50

    100-Yard Butterfly: 1. Isabella Chavez, RAW 1:10.01, 3. Emila Hou-Carleton, LAN 1:17.66, 4. Chloe Smith, RIV 1:19.29, 6. Stella Phisterer, RIV 1:26.25, 8. Kimi Salway-One Horn, LAN 1:33.81

    100-Yard Freestyle: 1. Lara Robertson, LAN 57.55, 2. Josey Johnson, LAN 1:00.82, 5. Kendall Vincent, RIV 1:05.08, 7, Cira Hampton, LAN 1:05.23, 8. Lillian Nowland, RIV 1:05.96

    500-Yard Freestyle: 1. Emily Plaisted, LAN 6:22.13, 3. Liv Ooten, LAN 6:31.28, 4. Prestley Barta, RIV 6:37.97, 5. Amelia Tate, RIV 6:40.94, 7. Morgan Hill, LAN 6:56.98

    200-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Lander (Josey Johnson, Emily Anderson, Daegan Reinhardt, Lara Robertson) 1:48, 3. Lander B (Cira Hampton, Emilia Hou-Carleton, Arianna Applegate, Katy Anderson) 1:56.59, 5. Riverton (Addison Peart, Stella Pfisterer, Chloe Smith, Lillian Nowland) 2:04.78, 6. Lander D (Ella Giesmann, Adlyn Even, Liv ooten, Kurri Parker) 6. Lander C (Madi Clancy, Demyri Cunningham, Maizy Delbridge, Chayse Denton) 2:12.34

    100-Yard Backstroke: 1. Katy Anderson, LAN 1:02.22, 2. Emma Jones, LAN 1:07.40, 3. Lara Robertson, LAN 1:08.83, 5. Addison Peart, RIV 1:13.67, 6. Julianne Spradlin, RIV 1:19.72, 7. Sierra Selley, LAN 1:20.00, 8. Ella Giesmann, LAN 1:21.13

    100-Yard Breaststroke: 1. Emily Anderson, LAN 1:13.22, 4. Chayse Denton, LAN 1:22.08, 5. Ruby Johnson, LAN 1:25.28, 6. Chloe Smith, RIV 1:26.47, 8. Morgan Hill, LAN 1:33.36

    400-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Lander (Liv Ooten, Josey Johnson, Emma Jones, Emily Plaisted) 4:10.03, 2. Riverton (Prestley Barta, Amelia Tate, Julianne Spradlin, Kendall Vincent) 4:20.60, 4. Lander C (Kurri Parker, Brianna Else, Chayse Denton, Lara Robertson) 4:39.42, 6. Lander B (Sierra Selley, Kimi Salway-One Horn, Ruby Johnson, Morgan Hill) 5:21.59, 7. Riverton B (Lillian Nowland, Austyn Chitwood, Brittney Sweeney, Samantha DeClercq) 6:04.21

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