RHS Student of the week: Kitty Xoey Rich

    Each week, staff at Riverton High School nominate a student who has shown outstanding behavior towards their peers and their academics. At the end of the year, County 10 will present a scholarship of $500 to one of the students nominated! Click here to view all students.

    Kitty Xoey Rich was nominated as student of the week by Mrs. Margaret Murray and Mrs. Rebecca Pierson:

    Mrs. Margaret Murray: Kitty (Xoey) Rich is a wonderful soul- she has a genuine passion for learning, an empathetic soul, and a great attitude, all of which shines through in all of her endeavors as a student, a member of the RHS Speech and Debate team, and as a member of the National Honor Society.


    Mrs. Rebecca Pierson: It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate Xoey Rich as Senior of the Week. Xoey embodies the qualities of a remarkable student, bringing a unique blend of determination, happiness, intelligence, and friendliness to our school community. Xoey’s work ethic is truly commendable. As a hard worker, she consistently goes above and beyond in her academic pursuits, setting a standard of excellence for her peers. Her determination to succeed is evident in every endeavor she takes on, and it serves as an inspiration to both students and faculty alike. Beyond her academic achievements, Xoey’s positive and happy disposition lights up our school. She approaches challenges with a smile, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth. Her infectious optimism creates a welcoming atmosphere, making her a joy to be around and contributing to the overall positive spirit of our school community. Xoey’s intelligence is matched only by her friendly nature. She has a knack for fostering connections and building relationships with her peers. Her genuine and approachable demeanor makes her a friend to everyone, and her kindness extends to both classmates and faculty. In addition to her academic and social accomplishments, Xoey is a valuable member of the Speech and Debate team and the choir. Her involvement in these activities not only showcases her talents but also highlights her dedication to the arts and her willingness to contribute to the cultural richness of our school. Xoey Rich is a well-rounded individual who has left an indelible mark on Riverton High School. Her positive attitude, determination, and friendly spirit make her a deserving candidate for Senior of the Week. I am confident that Xoey will continue to make significant contributions to our school community and beyond.

    Kitty is involved in Speech and Debate, Choir, and Multicultural Club. She has received awards for Honor Roll, Lettered in academics, and lettered in Athletics.

    Outside of school, she enjoys photography, farming, reading, and cooking. After high school, Kitty plans to serve an LDS mission, then attend college.

    Kitty is the daughter of Butch and Tina Rich.



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