Public Notice: Unclaimed Remains with Fremont County Coroner

From Fremont County Coroner’s Office on Friday, April 3rd 2020:

This release serves as Public Notice that the remains of the following individual of Riverton, Wyoming, have not been claimed by next of kin for disposition, or no next of kin have been found:


Robert Sweeney, DOB 02/08/1954 (Age 66)

The date of death of this individual was 03/25/2020. Per Wyoming Statute 7-4-207(a), the time frame of five days since the discovery of the death has passed on 03/31/2020. On that day, without claimant, and per that statute, the Coroner of Fremont County has started the process to see to the disposition as indicated by the policies and procedures of said county. Any and all persons in the community of interest at this time, or friends of the deceased, regardless of relation or affiliation with the deceased, may make claim upon the body for disposition. Anyone who wishes to make a claim, should call the coroner’s office at 307-856-7150.


Mark Stratmoen
Fremont County Coroner