Posey announces run for House District 33

    (Fort Washakie, WY) – With a small group of friends and family present, Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member and Veteran Ivan Posey announced his plan to run for House District 33 on Friday, April 5, at the Frank B. Wise Center in Fort Washakie.

    Posey is currently the only candidate running against incumbent Republican Sarah Penn. However, County 10 has not seen Penn’s formal announcement that she is running for a second term.

    House District 33 is the second largest in Fremont County and represents the Wind River Reservation.


    An introduction from Posey’s good friend, Scotty Ratliff, started the event.

    “… I’ve been a friend of Ivan’s for a long time and really an admirer,” he said. “I think it’s fulfilling to be around somebody who steps up to the plate and moves forward in a positive fashion. …”

    After the introduction, Posey presented his older brother Myron, who said a prayer, and then Posey went into his announcement.

    Representation and listening to the people were two key factors, and he said that is something he thinks the district needs. He noted recent seat holders Patrick Goggles, Andi Lebeau, and Jim Allen, as well as current seat holder Sarah Penn.


    “I feel I could do a lot more to represent this district than what we have now. Every candidate says those words, but I really think I will give a lot more representation and listen to more people about the needs of our district.”

    Posey served as the first Tribal Liason under former Gov. Dave Freudenthal in 2003.

    “I kind of follow his footsteps,” he said of Freudenthal. “I’m kind of a conservative Democrat. I’m not far left or far right, but I view myself as a conservative Democrat. And I think our district here kind of represents that. I realize it’s not all Tribal. It runs to Atlantic City as well as up to Dubois and right outside of Riverton. So there are a lot of people in this district, but I think with the help that I’ve been getting, with the guidance I’ve been getting and just with my experience, I could bring a lot to the table.”


    He shared his belief that cooperation still exists at the state level.

    “There are still some level headed people in this state that are willing to listen and to work with each other. And that’s why I think it brought me to this point. I think I could bring something there that can help. A spirit of cooperation is there as far left and far right.”

    Though he has a long history of serving in Tribal government, this will be Posey’s first dip into state politics.


    “I take this as the next step, where I could utilize my experience and my efforts to a larger group of people, not only Tribal but non-Tribal.”

    It’s seven months until the election, and he shared how important it is to get folks registered to vote. This will also be the first time he needs to raise money while campaigning.

    When the announcement ended, Carla Mann offered a few words.

    “He will support everybody,” she said. “There have been times where support has been everywhere else but the reservation, and we need that support.”

    Mann continued by saying how impressed she was to see Posey testifying on behalf of the Tribe in D.C. when he was on the Business Council.

    Posey is currently the Tribal Education Coordinator at Central Wyoming College in Riverton. He reassured attendees that he would still be employed there if elected.

    County 10 does not endorse any political candidate and strictly separates news from advertising.


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