Northern Arapaho Tribe releases agenda for General Council

    (Arapahoe, WY) Northern Arapaho General Council Chairman Cy Lee has released the agenda for the General Council meeting scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 2023.

    If a quorum of 150 tribal members is present, the General Council meeting will proceed as follows.

    I. Opening Prayer


    II. Selection of the next General Council Chairperson

    III. General Council Reports:

    a. Consolidated Report, Northern Arapaho Finance & Operations – Northern Arapaho Business Council, Chairperson Lloyd Goggles

    b. Consolidated Report of all activities for Northern Arapaho Economic Development Commission, Chairperson April Goggles


    IV. Presenter – Nicole Wagon, Tribal Member

    a. Resolution for immediate termination of Northern Arapaho Tribes’ in-house attorney Clare Johnson.

    b. Confirm and verify that members of the NABC are abiding by the $50k annual salary according to prior General Council resolution.


    c. Review of resolution made in 1941 in regard to NABC authority. Review, discuss and amend as needed (copies of said resolution will be available).

    V. Presenter – Antonio Roman, Tribal Member

    a. Discussion on Northern Arapaho Business Council


    b. Discussion on Circle Ridge Funds

    VI. Presenter – Irene Crazythunder, Tribal Member

    a. Resolution to direct the Northern Arapaho Business Council to enforce Resolution-6477 regarding term limits of Northern Arapaho Ranch Board Members.

    VII. Presenter – Sergio Maldanado, Tribal Member

    a. Resolution for staggered terms for elected Northern Arapaho Business Council.

    VIII. Presenter – Kim Harjo, Tribal Member

    a. Resolution governing the removal process of tribal employees.

    b. Resolution governing the conduct at General Council meetings.

    For more information, visit the Northern Arapaho Tribe’s website or Facebook page.


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