One half of Arapahoe couple charged with child abuse changed plea to ‘guilty;’ sentencing hearing set

    All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    (Arapahoe, WY) – The originally rescheduled June 10 jury trial for Truman Sitting Eagle has been vacated following a change of plea hearing held today, April 17, according to federal Court documents.

    Truman pled “guilty” to Count 1 (assault resulting in serious bodily injury) at today’s change of plea hearing, with any plea agreement stipulations currently unavailable for public viewing.


    His sentencing hearing has been set for July 9, before the Honorable Judge Alan B. Johnson.

    Truman and Kandace Sitting Eagle originally faced charges for assault resulting in serious bodily injury, assault with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping and aggravated child abuse, after law enforcement reportedly discovered a juvenile in their care had been being kept from school, was locked in his room and deprived of food for long periods of time, and had been physically assaulted on multiple occasions.

    The previously scheduled June jury trial had been set after a continuance was granted and Kandace’s request for release was denied back in February.

    No change of plea hearing has occurred for Kandace as of this writing, and the June 10 jury trial is still scheduled for her charges.


    County 10 will provide updates on this case, which can be viewed here.


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