LVHS Student of the Week: Honorable Mentions!

    The following are honorable mentions to be considered for the $500 Scholarship award for the 2024 County 10 Student of the Year Banquet!

    Paiglee Michael

    “Paiglee is a quiet package of all things awesome! Not one to boast about her own self, Paiglee brightens the halls of LVHS everyday as she comes through the doors with a smile on her face ready to work. A Senior Golfer and all around great student, Paiglee has a bright future ahead of her! I’m excited to see where life takes her! Great Job Paiglee!”  -Officer Conilogue


    Redsun St. John  (2)

    “Redsun is an excellent young man. He is an extremely talented artist and has grown academically immensely. He has had many challenges in life, but has persevered and excelled with a positive attitude and hard work. Redsun is always thoughtful and respectful. Redsun will do great things in his future!” – Robyn Deininger

    “RedSun is a super hard worker, and always maintains a super positive attitude. Whenever he’s a part of a group he brings amazing energy. I have seen so much growth in him- both academically and personally in this past year, his hard work has paid off!”  -Carissa Johnson

    Mason Morton


    “Mason has done a great job in multiple classes for me this semester. She is a self-starter, and is willing to do the work necessary to be successful. She self-advocates and doesn’t settle for average. She has a bright future.”  -John Rounds

    Joshua Cardinal  (2)

    “Josh is a clear thinker and razor-sharp writer in my AP Literature class. His attention to detail, facility for language, and ability to parse nuanced ideas consistently elevate class discussion. His writing, too, reveals depth of thought and a commitment to precision. He’s also pretty hilarious.”  -Paul Primrose


    “Joshua’s work ethic is unparalleled in our Spanish 3 class. He always strives to connect what we are learning to other subject areas or his own personal life. He is a role model for all, often helping tutor classmates or helping them out with the notes that he has taken. I enjoy having him in class because he asks questions that elicit deeper meanings, sometimes even provoking me to think more. We all learn and grow because of Josh and his high standards.”  -Jaime Basham

    Bear Blackburn

    “Bear is a very hard-working student who brings a positive attitude to class every day. He is willing to work with his peers and always contributes to class. Bear’s quiet confidence carries him well, and I expect him to succeed whatever he chooses to do.”  -Seth Conine


    Eli Ready

    “Eli has been a member of Lander FFA and LVHS Ag program for several years. He has shown commitment to service in the FFA and is always lending a helping hand. Eli excels in the welding and fabrication shop and is always inventing new ways to make shop more efficient or to test new theories in plant sciences.”  -Taylor Thoman


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