Lander Pet Connection, Pet of the Week – Meet Mickey!

    Introducing Mickey, our charming Pet of the Week! This fun-loving young shepherd mix is not just a furry friend; he’s a bundle of happiness and love waiting to brighten your days! Spring forward with a new friend! 

    Mickey is the perfect blend of brains and brawn – an athletic, smart companion ready to embark on fun adventures with you. Whether it’s a jog on the trails or a cozy movie night at home, he’s your go-to guy.

    This social fella has mastered the art of being on-the-go and being a cuddle buddy. Picture this: a playful game of fetch followed by some quality couch cuddles – Mickey’s got it all covered. 


    What’s more, Mickey is a social butterfly, thriving in the company of compatible canines and soaking up the love from his human pals. Ready to make Mickey a part of your family? Take the first step by filling out our easy adoption questionnaire at  Adventures with your new best friend are just ahead. 


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