In loving memory, Elliott McGill

Elliott Lee McGill was born June 18, 1970 in Lander, Wyoming, to Ernie and Alice McGill. His Shoshone name is Went With His Mother in Her Passing, his name is derived from Elliott Eagle Chief of Neola, Utah. He passed away on September 26, 2022 at his childhood home in Fort Washakie, Wyoming.

Elliott is from the Shoshone clans; Red Earth, Sheep Eaters (Doya), Western Shoshone, Yellow Bangs, Goshute, and White River Northern Ute clan.

Elliott attended school at Fort Washakie School and Wyoming Indian High School. He later went on to earn his GED while attending Kicking Horse Job Corp in Ronan, Montana. There he earned certifications in Culinary and Forestry. After obtaining his GED he studied at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico and United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck, North Dakota.


Throughout his life he became skilled at various trades. One of those skills was carpentry, which he utilized when he was a construction laborer for the Eastern Shoshone TERO Program, also as a freelancer. Elliott also worked at the forestry warehouse as a forester, and a button operator with the Shoshone Crusher Enterprise. He frequently worked for McLeod Cleaning and LaDawn Olsen. He also was a firefighter for some time.

Growing up he loved to rope and ride horses. He was always there to help his family during branding season. He enjoyed being around his family and friends, especially his childhood friends. Elliot believed in his traditional ways, he was a sundancer for many years. He collected Conan comics, and his favorite team was the Indianapolis Colts.

Elliott resided with his sister Kathy Hill and her son Marlin Azbill. He passed away at the McGill family home in Fort Washakie, surrounded by his loved ones. The wake and funeral will take place at the McGill family residence at 526 North Fork Road, Fort Washakie, WY. The wake will be on Wednesday September 28, 2022 at 7 PM. The funeral will be on Thursday September 29, 2022 beginning at noon. Officiating the funeral services will be (in Shoshone traditions his father), Arlen Shoyo Sr.

He is survived by his father, Ernie McGill Sr; brothers Ernie T. McGill, Jr., Neil (Myron) McGill, and Everett (Jenni) McGill; uncles Arlen Shoyo, Sr., and Alfred Armajo Sr.; aunts Mary Jane Goggles, Rose (John) Wadda, Leda Aoah, and Sandra McGill; relatives Jerry (Michelle) McGill Sr., Milton (Cecil) Bianas, John (Florinda) Genereaux, Mary Cane, Thelma (Mel) Sather, Loydene (Denise) Hill, Pam Friday, Marlo Friday, Dolly Aoah, Maude Fonseca, Alva (Rod) Good Crow, Lanell (Troy) Van Felt, Lela Bell, Glenda Trosper, Kathy Armajo, Haroldine Armajo, Arlen Armajo, Eli Armajo Sr., Barbara (Alfred) Duschene, Armena Martin, Billy (Tiffany) Velarde, Kathy Hill, Cathleen Ute, Julius LaJeunesse, Bruce (Theresa) LaJeunesse, Lynn Tendore, and Leland Hill Sr.; nephews Grant St. Clair, Patrick & Tyrel McGill, Marlin Azbill, Leland Hill Jr., Lane Hill, Austin D. Hill, and Mitch Piper; nieces Robin St. Clair, and Anneshia Hill; stepson Russell Ute; grandchildren Taran St. Clair, Jordan Ute, Annecia & Lorraine Surrell; great grandson Blastion St. Clair. The Genereaux, Cady, Hill, Aoah, Wadda, Goggles Families.


Preceded in death by his loving mother, Alice Aoah McGill; sister Ruby McGill St. Clair; great grandparents Perry Shoyo (Bomboni) and Mary (Kroppe) Shoyo, Nambaydoah and Zina Aoah; fraternal grandparents Clarence and Evelyn Shoyo McGill; maternal grandparents Lehi Aoah, Mary Hill Aoah Addison, and (Louis Addison); uncles Eli Hill, Dexter Aoah Sr., Maynard McGill, and Gary McGill; aunts: Orbana Cady, Winona Genereaux, Faye Thayer, Sara Aoah, Nelda Aoah, Genieve Armajo, Rhoda Armajo, Cathy McGill, Alta Boxx, Rita McGill, Sanette McGill; cousins Thurlo Tidzump, Travis McGill, Anthony McGill, Sonjia McGill, Cleo Thunder Hawk, Alta Hill, Fred Hill, Minerva Archuleta, Hector Aoah, Clarence Armajo, Blake Armajo, Sheryl Red House, and Roberta Armajo ; nephew Carlos Bianas; stepson Berk Jon Ute.

Pallbearers: Marlin Azbill, Dexter Aoah Jr., Jerry McGill Sr., William Velarde Jr., Chester Friday III, and Alfred Armajo Jr.

Honorary Pallbearers: Ernie T. McGill Jr., Everett McGill, Neil McGill, Myron Groesbeck, Grant St. Clair, Patrick McGill, Tyrel McGill, Russell Ute, Taran St. Clair, Jordan Ute, Blaiston St. Clair, Miles Armajo, Brandon Armajo, Arlen Armajo Sr., Arlen Armajo Jr., Shad Armajo, Teagen Armajo, Ricky Armajo, Trace Spotted Elk, Kayen Armajo, Ryden Armajo, Kenton Armajo, Haizem RidesHorse, Charles Eagle Bull, Karl Eagle Bull, Vittrio Capitan, Ross Pokibro, Robert Pokibro, Christen Sloss, Christian Lopez, Abraham Lopez, Emery Aoah, Renfred Aoah, Dillon Aoah, Milton Bianas, Hunter Velarde, Geno Velarde, Isaiah Velarde, DeAundre Velarde, Wallace Hill, Leo Hill, Loydene Hill, David Martin, Mike Martin, Nathan Genereaux, Lane Genereaux, Charles Genereaux, Cody Teichert, Lehi Aoah, Everette Moe Cady, Duane Cady Jr., Kirk Weed, John Bell, Leland “Rocky” Hill, Leland Hill Jr., Lane Hill, Austin D. Hill, Hunting L. Hill, Leyton Hill, Adriano Hill, Tulsa Brown, Bruce LaJeunesse, Julius LaJeunesse, Lynn Tendore, Wyatt Burnett, Natuin Trosper, Adam Shavanaux, Elijah Shavanaux, Guthery Serawop, Trent Timbana, Matthew White Clay Jr., Ian Timbana, Jerry McGill Jr., Russell Big Medicine, Nikko Bissonette, Dwight Timbana, Dustin Panzetanga, Clayton Sankey, Fox Ware, the Family of Arlen Shoyo, the Family of Eli Armajo Jr., the Family of the late Clarence Armajo Sr., the Family of the late Blake Armajo, the Family of the late Roberta Armajo, the Family of the late Sheryl Redhouse Armajo, the Shoyo Family, and the Bush Family


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