County 10 Law Enforcement Log: Riverton Police Department – September 18, 2023

    All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

    Below are the most recent arrests and call blotters from publicly available reports provided directly by the Riverton Police Department.

    The County 10 Law Enforcement Log is now separated by reporting agency (Lander Police Department, Riverton Police Department and Fremont County Sheriff’s Office), and includes arrests, citations and other notable calls.


    Questions or comments about the reports should be addressed with the appropriate agency.

    Charges are subject to change following official filing from the Fremont County Attorney’s Office.

    Social media comments have been disabled for all Law Enforcement Log posts.

    “No Arrests Reported” indicates a media report was issued for the specific law agency, but no arrests occurred.


    “No Arrest Report Available” indicates that the law agency did not issue a media report that day.

    Common Arrest Report abbreviations: FCSO – Fremont County Sheriff’s Office; RPD – Riverton Police Department; LPD – Lander Police Department; DUI – Driving Under the Influence; DWUI – Driving While Under the Influence; MIP – Minor in Possession; MUI – Minor Under the Influence; D(W)US – Driving (While) Under Suspension; REDDI – Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately; RP – Reporting Party, UTL – Unable To Locate

    Riverton Police Department Arrests:

    • Arthur, Patrick, 42, Riverton, County Warrant, Available Narrative: RP Advised subject was sleeping on the sidewalk in the back parking lot
    • Arthur, Artavious, 18, Riverton, County Warrant, No Narrative Available
    • Lanier, Franklin, 52, Riverton, Trespassing, Available Narrative: Subject had previously been trespassed from the area
    • Oldman, Michaelyn, 31, Riverton, Fighting in Public, No Narrative Available
    • Trosper, Joely, 24, Fort Washakie, Fighting in Public, No Narrative Available
    • Friday, Trenton, 21, Lander, County Warrant, Available Narrative: Subject was watching the fight between the two parties above when he was approached by law enforcement
    • Delgado, Alexander, 28, Riverton, Possession of Controlled Substance Mushrooms/Marijuana, Available Narrative: “While investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle the officer saw illegal mushrooms in plain view on the console. Contact was made with Alexander Delgado, 28 yoa from Riverton and he was subsequently arrested for Possession of Illegal mushrooms and marijuana which was found to be in his possession”
    • Hill, Corey, 29, Riverton, Trespassing, No Narrative Available
    • Bissonette, Lloyd, 33, Riverton, County Warrant, Available Narrative: “Officers were called back to the area at 0722 hours and located Lloyd Bissonette, 33 yoa from Riverton slumped over the wheel of a truck at that location. Routine check revealed he had a Fremont County warrant for probation revocation and he was arrested”
    • Wilson, Kevin, 42, Riverton, Municipal Warrant

    Riverton Police Department Citations and Other Notable Calls:

    • Trespassing: Sunset Drive, 9:53 AM, Available Narrative: RP Advised subjects were harassing others; “The two described individuals were located nearby and issued trespass notices for the involved business”
    • Animal Problem: E Adams Ave., 12:00 PM, Available Narrative: Cat injured by pellet gun; was taken to the vet in critical condition and a report was made
    • Attempt to Locate: Riverton area, 6:08 PM, Available Narrative: RP Advised his brother has been missing for 25 days (out of South Dakota), and someone informed them they may have seen him in the Riverton area; report taken
    • Traffic Offense: N Federal Blvd., 8:52 PM, Available Narrative: RP Advised teenagers were spinning cookies in the Sutherland’s parking lot
    • Fight: N Broadway Ave., 11:13 PM, Available Narrative: “There was a fight between two males outside of the bar and then a third individual stepped in and held one of them down while the other started to kick him in the head. At this point a fourth individual stepped in and attempted to stop the altercation and he too was assaulted causing injury to his eye. Officers have identified all of those involved and investigation continues. In reviewing surveillance footage of the incident no weapons were observed”
    • Simple Assault: W Sunset Drive, 12:02 AM, Available Narrative: “Verbal argument blossomed into an assault when Canaan Lehman, 22 yoa from Sweeny Texas struck a 23 yoa male in the head and neck three times. Mister Lehman was cited for Assault”
    • Fire Department Assist: E Washington Ave., 6:32 PM, Available Narrative: Click here to read more
    • Theft: E Fremont Ave., 6:55 PM, Available Narrative: “Harley Davidson motorcycle was taken some time during the last three weeks. A report was taken and it was entered into NCIC”
    • Simple Assault: City Park, 10:22 PM, “27 yoa female victim had been hit and kicked by a 33 yoa female who had left prior to officer’s arrival. A report was taken and a citation was issued to be served when she was found”
    • Vicious Animal: Stoner Cir., 1:00 PM, Available Narrative: “When officers arrived on scene one of the Pit Bulls was dead. Investigation revealed the following: The dogs had been loose in the neighborhood acting aggressively for a period ot time when a 71 year old man had returned to his home in the area. He was not aware of the dogs and, according to witness’ statements, when he got out of his truck the dogs charged him and he shot one with a .22 pistol when it was about a foot away from him killing it. The dog’s owner was advised and indicated she understood and said she had no idea how the dogs had gotten loose”
    • Agency Assist: Riverview Road, 3:03 PM, Available Narrative: Agency assist provided in the form of traffic control

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