Riverton City Council approves change order expanding planned Main/College View road improvement project

    An upcoming improvement project planned for North Major Avenue and College View Drive was expanded this month to include an additional 5,445 square yards of roadway.

    The entire project will now span about 18,500 square yards, city staff said in a May 7 memo to the Riverton City Council.

    The council approved the $404,260 change order during the May 7 meeting, bringing the new project total to more than $1 million.


    Original bid

    The original bid for the project was approved in March at almost $600,000 – a price that was “significantly under our projected budget,” Public Works Director Brian Eggleston told the council this month.

    “With this in mind, the FORCC Committee suggested expanding the project on College View to resolve some more poor roadway conditions in that area,” he said.

    The staff memo says the expansion will allow for “additional full depth repair on College View Drive.”

    “This will take care of a significant portion of College View,” Eggleston said. “By the Owl Creek Apartments that’s going to be a full depth reclamation, and then south of Sunset will be full depth reclamation all the way to Watt Court, with the remainder being a slurry seal.”


    The Wyoming Department of Transportation plans to rebuild West Main Street in 2027, he noted, and the city “may partner with them” to improve the intersection of Main and College View at that time, then “work north from that location to rebuild the rest of the roadway” after that.

    For more information, call the City of Riverton at 856-2227.


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