Commissioners plan to enter into a 1/2% sales tax MOU

During the September 1st, Fremont County Commissioners’ regular meeting a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the recently passed ½% sales tax was brought to the table by the Fremont County Association of Governments (FCAG).

The MOU presented today was not signed, however, Chairman Travis Becker confirmed that the Commission will sign one, “in what form or shape, we don’t know yet.” He also appointed a subcommittee to “hammer out a good MOU and bring it back.”

It was confirmed during today’s meeting that the Department of Revenue (DOR) will disburse the funds to each municipality directly instead of one lump sum to the county.


Leaving details to be clarified in the MOU such as where the municipalities will disburse the 30% of the sales tax collections earmarked for local commercial air service (20%) and ground transportation (10%).

Also, the DOR will collect the tax starting on April 1st, 2021, not March 1st, 2021; they won’t begin a new tax collection mid-quarter. They will also keep a fee of 1% for the cost of administration.

A timeline wasn’t set during the meeting for the completion of the new MOU. While the need for an MOU wasn’t unanimous amongst the Commissioners today, the reasons to have one include: clarification, transparency, and future voting on the tax, among other things.

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