Adventuring ballot; primary election results officially certified

    Today, August 20th, at 1:00 pm the primary election results were certified at the Fremont County Courthouse in Lander. The Canvass Board certifying the results included local Democratic Party representative Mary Haper and local Republican Party representative Tara Berg, along with Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese.

    A total of 10,674 ballots were reportedly cast at the end of the primary on Tuesday, August 18th. Yesterday, a properly marked, but misdelivered absentee ballot for Fremont County arrived from the Carbon County Election Office. The Canvassing Board agreed to count this absentee ballot bumping the total number of ballots cast in the primary election to 10,675.

    Administrative Secretary Becky Enos, Tara Berg and Mary Haper watching the results with the added ballot

    To certify the results, the Canvass Board goes through each seat – County Commission and below – on the ballot and declares the candidates who move onto the general election on November 3rd. Candidates for House District and above are determined by the state, according to Freese. “We do not declare those winners here.”


    Below are the candidates moving forward at this time. Please note, the write-in candidates will still need to complete their paperwork to officially run. Write-in candidates are indicated with an * below.

    Fremont County Commissioners:

    Republican Candidates

    • Larry Allen – District #2
    • Jennifer McCarty – District #5

    Democratic Candidates

    • Polly Hinds – District #5*

    Dubois Town Council:

    • David Bennett
    • Rick Lee

    Hudson Town Council:

    • Brady Hamilton
    • Archie Hanson
    • Julie Thomas

    Lander City Council:


    Ward 1

    • Dan Hahn
    • Kathleen Avril*

    Ward 2

    • Julia Stuble

    Ward 3

    • Melinda Cox
    • Michael Kusiek



    • Chuck Snyder
    • Lester Emerson*

    Town Council (4 Year Term)

    • Tex Frazier
    • Matt Pattison
    • Mykah Trujillo
    • Charles CJ Barrett*

    Town Council (2 Year Term)

    • Sheila Johnson
    • Robert G Blowers*

    Riverton City Council:

    Ward 1

    • Cory Rota

    Ward 2

    • Lance Goede
    • Kristy Salisbury

    Ward 3

    • Lindsey Cox
    • Tim Hancock

    Shoshoni Town Council:

    4 Year Term

    • Kathy Blair
    • Ken Cundall
    • Mike Dimick
    • Bob Zent

    2 Year Term

    • Ronald Ankeny
    • Jacob Stetler

    Also confirmed today, the one-half percent (½%) sales tax increase to fund countywide transportation services and economic development projects beginning March 1st, 2021 has passed. The official results are 5,133 in favor of the tax and 5,001 against.

    The Shoshoni Senior Citizens District also passed with a vote of 177 in favor and 57 against.


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