A Fremont County Split at RHS

    A gorgeous afternoon for track and field competition was interrupted by gale force winds during the high school girls 800 800-meter run. The blast, estimated at 65 miles per hour, sent debris and equipment flying, but aside from a brief case of “bad hair day” the Lady Wolverines and Lady Tigers powered through it.

    Riverton sophomore Addison Peart was third in the high jump – h/t Randy Tucker

    Riverton hosted the annual dual meet between the longtime rivals and it came out as a split, with the Riverton boys taking the win 78-58 and the Lander girls pulling away from Riverton for an easy 94-42 win.

    A good start in the 1600 meter run – h/t Randy Tucker

    The Lander girls dominated most events, sweeping the 1600-meter run and almost sweeping the 400, and 800-meter races.


    Tough conditions for Riverton’s Kiana Swann and the Lander Tiger distance girls h/t Randy Tucker

    Only Riverton senior Kiana Swann was able to break up the Lady Tiger domination in these three events.

    Swann was a Wolverine in a sea of green, Lander green that is, in the 400 where she placed third, and the 800-meter run where she ran away from the Lander team to win by nine seconds in the near hurricane conditions.

    Addison Alley led Paisley Hollingshead in the 100-meter hurdles – h/t Randy Tucker
    Two of the best sprint hurdlers in Wyoming, Paisley Hollingshead of Lander and Addison Alley of Riverton – h/t Randy Tucker

    In the most anticipated race of the day, Riverton sophomore hurdler Addison Alley faced talented Lander freshman Paisley Hollingshead in the 100-meter race. Alley won by a stride, but Hollingshead tallied a pair of first-place finishes, clearing 5-0 in the high jump and winning the 300-meter hurdles by three seconds over Riverton’s Samantha Ablard.

    Addison Alley and Avery Crane run the anchor legs of the 4×100 meter relay – h/t Randy Tucker

    Cairo Shelsta won the triple jump for River.

    The most impressive performance on the girls’ side of the meet came from Lander sophomore Adelyn Anderson who threw a career-best in the shot with a heave of 43-9.5.

    The Riverton boys took the dual by 20 points behind strong performances in the distance races and the throws.

    Kaden Chatfield led the 1600 meter run – h/t Randy Tucker

    Kaden Chatfield won the 1600 and 3200-meter runs, placed in the 800, and ran a leg of Riverton’s winning 4×400-meter relay.

    Kayden Liebrecht and Nathan Mills won the shot and discus respectively for the Wolverines but the performance of the day came from Lander senior Reed McFadden who won three events.

    A determined Reed McFadden in the 110-meter high hurdles – h/t Randy Tucker
    Reed McFadden hit an intermediate hurdle with his lead leg with Zander Hinkley and Cody West – h/t Randy Tucker

    McFadden swept the hurdle races easily, ran an outstanding time winning the 200-meter dash, and set a personal record in the pole vault with a height of 14-1.


    Fremont County athletes with the top eight times in the 100 through 400 and the hurdles, and with the top 10 times in the distance races and the field events are invited to compete in the Wyoming Track Classic on Friday at Kelly Walsh.

    Riverton and Lander in the final exchange of the 4×100 meter relay – h/t Randy Tucker

    All the Fremont County schools are expected at the annual Roy Peck Invitational next Saturday in Riverton.

    Riverton Lander Dual Girls’ Team Scores: Lander 94 – Riverton 42

    100 Meter Dash: 1. Avery Bever, LAN 13.01, 2. Addison Alley, RIV 13.11, 3. Alexa Colman, LAN 13.71

    200 Meter Dash: 1. Avery Bever, LAN 26.71, 2. Victoria Gale, RIV 27.00, 3. Ellie Kaufman, LAN 27.17

    400 Meter Dash: 1. Ellie Kaufman, LAN 1:00.26, 2. Daisy Goklish, LAN 1:00.78, 3. Kiana Swann, RIV 1:03.98

    Ellie Kaufman led teammate Daisy Goklish in the 400-meter dash – h/t Randy Tucker

    800 Meter Run: 1. Kiana Swann, RIV 2:29.95, 2. Katy Anderson, LAN 2:38.48, 3. Sandra St. Clair, LAN 2:45.90

    1600 Meter Run: 1. Ameya Eddy, LAN 5:41.29, 2. Katy Anderson, LAN 5:47.78, 3. Sandra St. Clair, LAN 6:23.79

    Ameya Eddy and Katy Anderson, 1-2 in the 1600 meter run – h/t Randy Tucker

    3200 Meter Run: 1. Ameya Eddy, LAN 13:30.91, 2. Janeisa Whiteplume, RIV 15:47.70, 3. Samantha Krantz, RIV 15:02.00

    100 Meter Hurdles: 1. Addison Alley, RIV 15.37, 2. Paisley Hollingshead, LAN 15.68, 3. Ava Gerlach, LAN 18.40

    300 Meter Hurdles: 1. Paisley Hollingshead, LAN 48.03, 2. Samantha Ablard, RIV 51.08, 3. Ava Gerlach, LAN 54.68

    4×100 Meter Relay: 1. Riverton (Samantha Ablard, Addison Alley, Very Lynn De Groot, Victoria Gale) 50.42

    4×400 Meter Relay: 1. Lander (Ellie Kaufman, Ava Gerlach, Eliza Scott, Daisy Goklish) 4:21.97   

    Mia Jubber looks to the pit after clearing the bar – h/t Randy Tucker
    Paisley Hollingshead cleared 5-0 to win the meet – h/t Randy Tucker

    High Jump: 1. Paisley Hollingshead, LAN 5-0, 2.Mia Jubber, LAN 4-7, 3. Addison Peart, RIV 4-3

    Pole Vault: 1. Avery Crane, LAN 9-1, 2. Alexa Colman, LAN 9-1, 3. Ella Giesmann, LAN 8-0

    Long Jump: 1.  Paisley Hollingshead, LAN 16-5, 2. Avery Bever, LAN 16-4, 3. Mia Jubber, LAN 16-2

    Triple Jump: 1. Cairo Shelsta, RIV 33-2, 2. Tailynne Keyes, RIV 31-8, 3. Ava Gerlach, LAN 29-7.5

    Shot Put: 1. Adelyn Anderson, LAN 43-9.5, 2. Alexis Taylor, RIV 30-8.5, 3. Daegan Reinhardt, 29-2

    Discus: 1. Adelyn Anderson, LAN 117-4, 2. Daegan Reinhardt, LAN 99-4, 3. Alexis Taylor, RV 97-3

    Lander pole vault coach Joe Motherway worked with Brooks Even – h/t Randy Tucker
    Lander freshman Brooks Even cleared 11-7 – h/t Randy Tucker

    Riverton Lander Dual Boys’ Team Scores: Riverton 78 – Lander 58

    100 Meter Dash: 1. Ty Sheets, RIV 11.73, 2. Eric Smith, RIV / Jaxson Balzly, LAN 11.81

    200 Meter Dash: 1. Reed McFadden, LAN 22.81, 2. Zander Hinkley, RIV 23.63, 3. Graham Robison, LAN 24.59

    400 Meter Dash: 1. Graham Robison, LAN 53.62, 2. Cade Hallock, LAN 53.99, 3. Ty Sheets, RIV 54.42

    800 Meter Run: 1. Alexander Truax, RIV 2:08.11, 2. Kaden Chatfield, RIV 2:09.30, 3. Davian Spoonhunter, RIV 2:09.54

    1600 Meter Run: 1. Kaden Chatfield, RIV 4:41.44, 2. Davian Spoonhunter, RIV 4:43.27, 3. Aquinas Lasnoski, LAN 4:44.56

    3200 Meter Run: 1. Kaden Chatfield, RIV 10:32.64, 2. Davian Spoonhunter, RIV 10:33.58, 3. Diego Lobatos, LAN 10:42.91

    Cody West hurdling in the 110s – h/t Randy Tucker

    110 Meter High Hurdles: 1. Reed McFadden, LAN 15.06, 2. Zander Hinkley, RIV 16.71, 3. Cody West, LAN 17.08

    300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles: 1. Reed McFadden, LAN 38.93, 2. Cody West, LAN 43.50, 3. Zander Hinkley, RIV 44.24

    4×100 Meter Relay: 1. Riverton (Kaiden Arnold, Sean Fraser, Alex Stevens, Talon Prestwich) 45.76

    4×400 Meter Relay: 1. Riverton (Kaden Chatfield, Alexander Truax, Ty Sheets, Zander Hinkley) 3:40.07

    High Jump: 1. Graham Robison, LAN 5-8, 2. Cash Robison, LAN 5-8, 3. Paxton Yeates, RIV 5-4

    Pole Vault: 1. Reed McFadden, LAN 14-1, 2. Brooks Even, LAN 11-7, 3. Matthew Gray, LAN 10-1

    Reed McFadden cleared 14-1 to win the pole vault – h/t Randy Tucker

    Long Jump: 1. Ty Sheets, RIV 20-4, 2. Ray Gribowskas, LAN 19-4, 3. Talon Prestwich, RIV / Bridger Saltsgaver, RIV 18-7

    Triple Jump: 1. Ray Gribowskas, LAN 40-9.5, 2. Gage Treber, RIV 39-1, 3. Korben Longtine, RIV 37-1

    Shot Put: 1. Kayden Liebrecht, RIV 48-8, 2. Nathan Mills, RIV 48-2, 3. Korben Longtine, RIV 42-9.5

    Discus: 1. Nathan Mills, RIV 140-10, 2. Xavier Garcia, RIV 132-5, 3. Tres Pickerd, LAN 118-9


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