Wyoming Indian High School’s Computer Science Program is one of the best in Wyoming

    (Ethete, WY) – Wyoming Indian High School’s Computer Science program has been recognized by the Wyoming Department of Education’s staff as an outstanding comprehensive program. With a focus on professional certification and concurrent enrollment opportunities, setting a new standard for excellence in technology education.

    The Wyoming Indian High School has been at the forefront of empowering students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the ever-evolving field of computer science. The partnership with Central Wyoming College opens up a world of possibilities for students, providing them with a comprehensive education and numerous pathways for their future careers.

    Key highlights of the program include:


    1. **Professional Certification Opportunities:** Wyoming Indian High School’s Computer Science program offers students the chance to obtain industry-recognized certifications that are in high demand. Currently, students can pursue certifications such as A+, Security+, and Network+, with the opportunity to take the corresponding exams at the end of the academic year. These certifications not only enhance their knowledge but also make them more marketable in the workforce.

    2. **Concurrent Enrollment with CWC:** Through this partnership, students have the advantage of enrolling in college-level courses while still in high school, allowing them to earn college credit and get a head start on their higher education journey. This concurrent enrollment program is a stepping stone for students aspiring to pursue higher education in computer science and related fields.

    3. **Cyber Security Specialization:** In addition to the core computer science curriculum, students have the unique opportunity to specialize in Cyber Security. This specialization offers students the chance to earn certifications in Pentest+, Ethical Hacker, and Forensics. These certifications equip them with the skills necessary to protect digital infrastructure, investigate cybercrimes, and contribute to the growing field of cybersecurity.

    Principal Pam Gambler expressed their pride in the Computer Science program’s accomplishments, stating, “Wyoming Indian High School is committed to providing our students with the best educational opportunities available. We are delighted to see our Computer Science program gaining momentum and recognition for its dedication to excellence, and the partnership with Central Wyoming College brings even more possibilities to our students.”


    The success of the Computer Science program reflects the commitment of the school, its educators, and the students to embrace the future of technology. As technology continues to shape our world, Wyoming Indian High School is poised to prepare the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.

    For more information about Wyoming Indian High School’s Computer Science program, please contact Richard Winn at (307)332-9765 ext. 3300 or [email protected].

    About Wyoming Indian High School:


    Wyoming Indian High School, located in Ethete, Wyoming, is a hub of academic excellence and opportunity for students. The school is dedicated to providing a supportive and enriching environment that prepares students for success in higher education and future careers.


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